Top Tips Web Designers Should Know About Making Instagram Work Elevate Their Visibility

With internet usage becoming part of our everyday lives, businesses, both big and small, have discovered the benefits of going online to not only raise their brand awareness among the target audiences but also engage with them and boost conversions. It has made web design a $39.6 billion industry in the U.S. alone, according to If you are a web designer, it can be quite tough for you to stand out in the crowd and impress your target audience about your capabilities. Instagram can prove to be extremely handy for promoting your skills because of its visual orientation, provided you know how to do it the right way. Some tips on making Instagram a showcase of your creative talent:

Optimize the Instagram Bio Section 

Since your bio is the first thing an Instagram user sees after your profile picture and user name, you need to make it immensely appealing so that they become more interested to see your posts and engage with you. Your bio should encapsulate who you are and what value you deliver to your users that are distinctly different from that of your competitors. The challenge is to do it within the constraints of the maximum permissible 150 characters. Fortunately, business account users are allowed to list their contact details, address, and location, separately. It means that that you can have the full 150 characters to describe your business, include a clickable link to your website or a portfolio, and provide a powerful call-to-action directing traffic to your website or a landing page.

Interact and Engage with Your Instagram Visitors

One of the key aspects of social media marketing is that you need to keep on interacting with the online community you are building up on Instagram. The process of building bonds with interesting and relevant content that attracts likes, comments, and shares from your followers is a strong social signal regarding your credibility and reputation. It also sends the necessary indications to the Instagram algorithm to kick and boost the visibility of your posts among users with similar interests. The process of being social on Instagram starts with your posting content designed to attract the attention of your target audience and provoke a response that can allow you to engage with them with replies that are genuine and not just automated bot responses. If you don’t have a large number of followers, you can check Instagram followers at a time for nominal amounts to create a buzz around your posts.

Be Creative in Involving Your Followers

Just being on Instagram and posting great content is not enough for elevating your profile among your target audience. Even though Instagram is primarily a visual medium, it does not mean that you ignore the power of text. By incorporating powerful captions, you can not only add value to the images but also tickle the curiosity of your followers. Sometimes, adding a touch of humor can add a great vibe to your posts. Another great way of encouraging engagement is to ask for user-generated content on a selected theme, tagged with a branded hashtag of your choice. By choosing to post them, you can show how much you value your customers while taking the pressure off you to continuously produce a stream of content at a fast-enough rate.

Conducting contests and giving away freebies is another very effective method of engaging with your audience. Make the contests easy and fun to participate in so that everyone feels encouraged to join in and win prizes, and more importantly, recognition on a public platform. You can give away handsome discounts on web design orders or even deliver a website design free of charge to the lucky winner, for example.

Make CTAs A Part of Your Marketing Armory 

Adding a powerful CTA in your bio can encourage your Instagram followers to visit your website and explore myriad options that can help conversions. You can even use CTAs in your photo captions that call for users to take a variety of actions that can range from checking out your latest web design, read your blog posts, participate in a contest for the best web design, or simply make out a wish list of features that their website should ideally have. Instagram also offers businesses that have over 10,000 followers, a swipe-up feature on Instagram Stories that can send users directly to a particular website. Business profiles allow the facility of adding buttons in your bio like contact, email, etc. that users can tap on to establish direct contact with you.

Web-based business Development

Web-based business improvement requires complex components, fresh web architectures, and expert imaging to drive more deals. In the event that your image markets items or services, your business must form an advanced presence that joins an online customer facing facade to stay serious. Bearpaw Partners is set up with skilled web specialists who can construct internet business locales that pull in more clients, convey your image message, and increment conversion rates. We work intimately with your group to create wireframes and plan an appealing online business webpage that improves your shopping cart experience and drives more deals.


Site Optimization

The present digital advanced circle is immersed with data, which is the reason a site’s perceivability on web crawlers matters now like never before previously. Brands must actualize advancement techniques to guarantee their site pages rank for pertinent keywords and phrases. Higher internet searcher result page (SERP) rankings improve the amount and nature of guests to a business’ site and help a brand extend its computerized presence. At the point when we create sites, we plan to consider inquiry advancement. From back-end improvement to front-end marking, each task we take a shot at is advanced for top perceivability. Our capable planners work close by our site improvement (SEO) group to ensure your image gets a dazzling, responsive webpage that conveys your image message, arrives at your objective market, and expands traffic to your site pages.


While you do all you can to attract and engage users, you should also monitor vital metrics of Instagram account performance so that you know what marketing and content strategies are working for you. By using Instagram analytics to measure the performance of your account, you can make informed decisions regarding the marketing strategy and content that will give you the best results.

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