Victoria Beckham About Her YouTube Channel and Beauty Brand

Two days ago Victoria Beckham had a special day – she not only showed her Fall-Winter 2019 collection but also officially launched her own YouTube channel. Also, her plan for this year includes the launch of her cosmetic brand. VB told Vogue what to expect from her beauty tools and future videos.

“We are very excited,” says Victoria about herself and Derek Blasberg. A close friend of Beckham, a well-known secular journalist who heads the fashion and beauty division on YouTube, he helped her launch own channel. “I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to explore the video platform and discover something new,” says Victoria. – My videos will be devoted to beauty, fashion and family. I plan to share my real life, show myself at work and home, showing the world how to be a mom and at the same time do business. ”

“We don’t have a clear content plan,” Derek admits. – We will look at the situation. If people will like more videos about beauty, then we will focus on the beauty theme. But if we will see that fashion is more interesting for them, we will focus on shooting shows and working on collections. I think it’s an ideal platform for Victoria. Most of all here appreciate the individuality, and she has it. In general, she is very funny, and I’m sure she will have excellent videos. ”

The most important thing for Victoria in this whole story is the opportunity to be closer to her subscribers. “The YouTube channel will allow me to learn more about my clients, about people who are passionate about the brand, and I cannot wait to understand them and their interests,” she admits.

“Instagram is good at sharing moments,” explains Blasberg, “but YouTube allows people to delve deeper into the topics they are interested in, whether it’s the ingredients of a cleanser or elegant black suits. Victoria – the authority in the beauty field, and the fashion industry, she can talk about all of them.”

See Beckham’s life is really very curious: this year her daily life promises to be extremely full. After several collaborations with beauty companies, she will launch her cosmetic brand. “I have long dreamed of doing this,” Victoria says. “Thanks to the collaboration with Estée Lauder, I learned a lot, but it took me several years to figure out how I want to see my cosmetics.” Many beauty products are still in development, but VB says that they will produce “decorative, care products and much more that fall under the concept of“ wellness ”and promises a wide color palette for different skin tones, with reasonable price and no animal testing: “I create a beauty brand for the future,” she says.

While more than 40,000 subscribers on Victoria’s YouTube channel waiting for her next video, we still have a question – what does Victoria plan to do next. “I will work on what I have now, to be sure that the structure of my business is built correctly, that it is growing,” she says. “Next in line is the launch of a beauty brand, after which I have no plans yet.” “Maybe you start making clothes for men?” Blasberg asks. “David and I would be very happy. I do not deny, ”says Victoria with a smile.

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