Instagram Data – How Many Free Followers Can You Get by a Post

More and more people have created an Instagram account and publish content. I believe that some of the people dream to become an influencer on Instagram. To become an influencer, you need to know the competition on Instagram, in this article, let’s see the macro data about Instagram.

Instagram Audience Overview:

1.Instagram Audience Overview

Instagram can reach 928.5 million of people on its network, it means that the maximum people you can reach by your post it 928.5M.

15% of the people are older than 13 years old, the index told us that when the marketer run an ad on Instagram, the number of ad reach can be 139.29M.

The other 3 data index is easy to understand, Instagram is a high-quality social media network to run a business.

Instagram Reach Rankings

2.Instagram Reach Rankings


Wow, I love the data in this picture, it can help us to know the market competition of the country we live in. Take note that, the QOQ is quarter to quarter, it means that the user growth speed and the number by quarter.

Profile of Instagram’s Advertising Audience

 3.Profile of Instagram’s Advertising Audience


According to the age and gender distribution, the valuable information is the audiences are younger than other social media platform, we need to make the content which can catch the eyes of the young people.


Instagram Engagement Benchmarks

4.Instagram Engagement Benchmarks

Take note that, video post is a better type of content, it can help you get followers easier.


Instagram Business Account Benchmarks

5.Instagram Business Account Benchmarks


This is the average performance of all Instagram accounts, in my opinion, if you can keep the frequency and the quality of your post, your channel monthly growth speed will be greater than 2.5%!


How many followers can you get by a post?

6. How many followers can you get by a post

Let’s see the Top 100 Instagram accounts with the most post on


I have calculated the top 5 instagramers, please see the chart below:

Channel Name Posts Followers Followers per post
Platinaline 144360 912300 6.32
CDN37 129750 798390 6.15
Elliott Wilson 116370 192140 1.65
Star Magic 102320 2870000 28.05
Cachicha | ¿Lo Viste? 94650 803360 8.49
Avg 117490 1115238 10.13


I think that you may get the conclusion, if you keep publishing the high-quality posts, you can get 10 followers per post!


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