NoxInfluencer:Influencer Marketing Strategy Brand Needs to Know

As early as a few years ago, “influencer” was still an unfamiliar word for us. Nowadays, “influencer marketing” has become an important method for brands and advertisers to compete and gain more traffic in overseas markets. So how to find high-quality influencers? Is the Influencer marketing process complicated?

Noxinfluencer will give an answer about KOL marketing.Noxinfluencer is a influencer marketing platform connecting influencers with brands looking to collaborate and create amazing branded content. As so far,We have worked with more than 10,000 brands and help them find suitable influencers to advertise their brand, products, or services.

There are some guidlines that maybe helpful for us to have a deep understanding about KOL marketing.

1.Make sure your goals and budget

Before doing overseas influencer marketing, the brand must consider the goals that why you wanna do influencer marketing and what effects you wanna have on your brands or products by this way at first.

Second,Be aware that coopearation prices vary from region to region, cultural habits, number of fans, video views and so on. So brands need to set up a budget.For example, the price of KOL in North America is relatively high, cause its KOL is relatively high quality. Their content are particularly creative and can attract a large number of fans in a short time to help the brand gain more traffic and improve brand awareness.

In addition, the price between the formal day and the festival celebration period is also quite different. During the festival, the influencer marketing effect is very terrific, so the price will naturally “swell up”.

Therefore, brands need to set up a budget and goal before the marketing activity, such as promoting target market in a certain area, and then looking for KOL resources according to this demand.

2. Search influencer who matches with product niche

After determining the purpose of overseas influencer marketing, brands can go to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to search for “keywords” that match their brand. Such as “beauty makeup”, “game” and so on.

Brands can also use Noxinfluencer to pick up influencers in different dismension like area,category,Followers,Est.Exposure,etc,.

During the searching process, brands can analysis according to these dismension, like the number of fans, the engagement rate and the previous video click rate, and finally determine the KOL resources that match their own brands.

3.Make requirements about the video and communicate with influencer in time

Before cooperation, the brand should try to make influencers to have an interest in its own brand. Once these influencers have approved your products, they are not only willing to promote your products, but also willing to help you combine video products with video ideas, etc., even at a premium price.

Otherwise,brands need ot make requirements about the video and communicate with influencer in time,such us published date, product function,length of adveritisement ands so on. effect monitoring

In order to better evaluate the video effect, the brand will monitor APP downloads, page visits and purchases during the launch cycle of the video and then the results are estimated. Brands always evaluate the video effect according to CPC,CPM and CPI.

For influencers,Noxinfluencer will provide great sponsors for you. From the trendiest startups to the biggest brands, influencers could choose from a constant flow of opportunities across multiple categories.

More information,plesae follow Noxinfluencer.

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