From Vine to YouTube, King Vader is taking over

Since his early years in high school doing short comedy videos, then growing a loyal fan base in his hometown Maryland and becoming an instant sensation in YouTube, King Vader climbed just enough steps to be famous and recognized for his popular videos, however, his dream goes far beyond and nothing is going to stop him.

22-year-old Dominique Barret has been famous since his adolescence. He started accumulating fans in Vine as a high school teenager and became a major sensation for a 6-second popular video called “When they ask if you have any special talents” where he looks back at a panel with an interviewer who asks the question and he flips a bottle of water in the air while the panelists stare at it and the bottle lands perfectly upright while the ground shakes knocking everyone off their chairs.

The transition to YouTube and other platforms in 2014 due to the end of Vine was just a natural transition for the internet sensation and it just continued to get better and better to a point where the ideas for his videos, shooting, editing, and filmmaking, in general, is far more complex than his early samples. Popular series like “Hood Naruto” or parodies of T.V. series like The Power Rangers and The Avengers have increased his popularity among younger viewers but for him, this is just the beginning.

He has recently moved to L.A. where he has more exposure and branding opportunities that he capitalizing with big deals coming his way. His creative process has always been influenced by some of his best friends that for the most part are the ones who appear on his videos as actors and for this 2019 he is planning to start collaborating with Networks and even stepping into the filming industry to pursue his ultimate goal to become “the greatest director of his generation.”

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