4 Tips To Get the Most Out of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the hottest new trend when it comes to organically reaching new audiences. But knowing how to do it right is crucial, or else you’ll end up wondering with tons of money spent but no new customers gained. Here are 4 tips to get the most out of your next influencer marketing campaign:

1) Find Influencers That Fit Your Brand

This is without a doubt the most important step when it comes to effective influencer marketing, and also possibly the most difficult, too, according to 73% of surveyed marketers.

No two influencers are alike. Each influencer has their own style, personality, and audience, and matching your campaign with an influencer that truly fits your brand is essential towards successfully striking with new potential customers. You don’t want to end up selling a fashion accessory on a gaming channel, or a service for web developers on a fashion channel.

2) Allow Maximum Creative Freedom

The old-school days of marketing are done; specifically, exercising maximum control over the content of your advertising campaign. Brands are so accustomed to having their way when it comes to every part of creating a commercial or a billboard, and advertising agencies have always bent over for every single request.

But influencer marketing is all about genuine content. The influencers must have your complete trust; let them advertise your brand in the way that they’re used to, because their style is what makes audiences love them. Remember: 72% of marketers agree that relevancy is more crucial to a campaign than reach.

3) Keep Track of your Metrics

Don’t forget the importance of numbers. Google Analytics and other platforms for tracking metrics are available to all savvy marketers, and can do wonders when it comes to tweaking current campaigns and planning future ones.

Check the numbers and see if you’re getting the most out of your influencer. If not, try to figure out what’s wrong. Did you partner with an influencer who doesn’t fit your brand, or are they not doing enough to market it to their audience?

4) Connect With A Proven Influencer Marketing Platform

Unless you’re in-the-know with all the latest influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and every other platform kids use these days, it can be pretty tough finding the perfect influencer to promote your brand. And how do you can trust that the young teenager you ask advice from actually knows what they’re talking about?

In cases like these, we recommend that you don’t do it on your own. Sign up to a proven influencer marketing platform, where brands, marketers, and influencers can find each other and start making deals in no time. Using an influencer marketing platform like NoxInfluencer can save you tons of time and money by getting your brand directly in front of the most relevant influencers today. It’s easy, straightforward, and simple: there’s really no reason to do it any other way.


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