Make Money like PewDiePie?Evaluate your YouTube Channel Value now

As one of the most popular YouTube Channel,PewDiePie has lead a hot trend.According to Noxinfluencer, PewDiePie earned $1,116,591 from his channel per month and more than $14m per year from advertising, sponsorship and appearance fees.


With the coming of internet celebrity economy,celebrities have an enormous effect on market at home and abroad.They not only have their own fans base,but also cooperate with brands to stimulate consumption by converting their fans to customer.


And YouTube becomes a bridge to connect celebrities and fans.The value of YouTube channel represents the value of celebrities to some how can we estimate the value of YouTube channels?here is the tutorial about YouTube channel calculator:

YouTube channel calculator can help YouTubers to estimate the value of the channel.It will be convenient to calculate the value of the channel (including YouTube Partner Earning per month and potential earnings per video)and the total number of subscribers.

YouTube channel value

You also can slide the progress bar and customize the daily views and CPM to calculate the channel there are many factors which decide the overall CPM, like video type、region,etc,so you need to choose the CPM according to reality.

YouTube channel

In addition,brands can use a keyword  to search for suitable influencers for their brand according to their value and identity, and the result will be displayed based on their videos, tags and overall videos performance. In this way, brands can find the one who highly match with their brand products and niche. For instance, brands can use ‘gaming’ as a keyword to search some YouTube gaming channel,and they can pick up players for specific games,like League of Legends.

All in all,start to use YouTube channel calculator and evaluate your YouTube channel value now.

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