How Much can YouTuber Make Per Year By Making Travel Content?

Youtubers! Who are they?


Since YouTube came into picture, there has been a wave of influencers who stand out to travel and showcase the local culture, cuisines and their nomadic lifestyle. They are called travel bloggers or they prefer themselves to be called vloggers, influencers or Youtubers. It is their hobby which makes them pursue a full-fledged career into it. This video-based search engine platform, owned and operated by Google, gives them an opportunity not only to monetize their content but also led them to grow their own community.


How pursuing a hobby turns out to be a living for Youtubers?


Pursuing a hobby into a career was merely a dream before, but nobody ever thought that their workplace could be one such exotic location, from skydiving in Dubai to review about a luxury premium class experience in one of their flights or, which led them make millions into their earning.


Do you know that before? Of course, anyone and everyone can make a video and upload later on the Youtube platform. But just not anyone can earn a dime off of it, or in some rare cases, make money out of it, or in some exceptionally rare cases, be a celebrity out of it.


Travel Youtubers are popular not only among their followers but also a lot of brands are partnering with them over influencer marketing campaigns. Brands like Delta Airlines reservations, Nestle, Lufthansa, Tourism Australia, Incredible India and many more are making business tie-ups with them in the form of paid sponsorships asking them to endorse in order to share with their followers.

Give us the chance to introduce to you some of the best Youtubers who embrace the spirit of travel while making no compromise with quality and consistency that makes their YouTube channel stand out from the crowd.

These Youtubers can be found across all social media handles. For this post, we have compiled the list of top 5 travel Youtubers. Spoiler alert : You might be adding a few more places to your travel bucket list after going reading this article.


The Endless Adventure

1. The Endless Adventure YouTube Channel Statistics - Noxinfluencer

Started by Eric and Alison, the husband and wife duo have been a wander luster to so many countries and places. In their previous life, Alison was HR in an online clothing company while Eric co-founded a remote-working tech startup. Their YouTube travel channel by the name The Endless Adventure has so far 340K followers. From taking a tuk-tuk ride around Siargao Island to surfing at Australia’s Byron Bay, you will just fall in love with the way they embrace the local culture and make you feel living it their way plus all while bringing in a paycheck too. Their estimated yearly earnings of 2019, as per, is counted at $107.3K.

Flying the Nest

2.Fly the nest YouTube Channel Statistics - Noxinfluencer

This YouTube channel is the perfect fit for couples who want to upgrade their bucket list with more romantic places. Founded by the Australian couple, Stephen and Jess Parry-Valentine in 2015 have explored 70 countries so far. From hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru to exploring the inside of Pyramid in Egypt, their vlogs contain a unique blend of travel adventures along with honey-moon vacays. With 737K subscribers, their video content is chirping all over the internet with their honest reviews and experience. This couple usually surprises each other by arriving at the airport, with a sealed envelope in hand and have no idea where they are flying to. By 2019, the couple’s YouTube channel bagged nearly $148K in earnings, reveals


The Budgeteers

3.The Budgeteers YouTube Channel Statistics - Noxinfluencer

Accolade to numero Uno spot many times as the best travel vloggers, this YouTube Channel is started by three friends from the different corners of the globe. With 104K subscribers, their unique storytelling experience is something you would fall to. Their USP is their dynamic way of exploring any country under the strict budget of $1000. They made multiple series based on their experience in South East Asia, Central America, India, SriLanka, Morocco and lot more. They too have a unique way of funding their dream project, by selling online merchandise by the same name. All profits made out of it will go towards funding future YouTube series of the Budgeteers. Apart from that, their annual organic earning, from viewership only, was around $5K, says


Fearless and Far

4. Fearless & Far YouTube Channel Statistics - Noxinfluencer

The brainchild of Mike Corey, a Biology graduate turned filmmaker turned You tuber never runs away from an adventure, no matter how bizarre it could be. His vlogs are all about focusing on strange attractions and unique cultures which include participating in exploding hammer festivals, getting tattooed by head hunters and scuba diving in hydrogen sulfide are just some of them. Founded a YouTube channel by the name Fearless and Far, it has 314K subscribers and has been part of many paid sponsorships from brands like BBC, Skype, Storyblocks and many more. In 2019, Corey, as per, earned $25K through his channel.


Fun for Louis

5. FunForLouis

Amassed with 2 million followers, the YouTube Channel was started by British born travel enthusiast Louis Cole, who left his full-time DJ Job to travel the world. So far, Cole has partnered with known tourism brands worldwide to make his living out of it. His unique way of using technology to his daily video content is very artful in itself, as he takes a 360-degree view by covering unique people, places, and perspectives in the world. D to his flourishing channel, it made Louis earn close to $29K in 2019, as per


So far, we have shortlisted these five Youtubers to make you understand, that apart from hobbies and personal interest, what does it take to make a living. There are other famous travel enthusiasts too, who are also making their ends meet through YouTube.


The travel industry is so vast and there are a lot of prospects to make money out of in relation to creating video content. For instance, If an ad revenue of any blogger is dried up, then there are sponsored incomes one can bank upon. According to one of the surveys conducted by YouTube, any paid sponsorship can shoot up the You tuber’s revenue by at least 70 percent.


The world of Youtubers isn’t just about six-figure salaries and five-minute videos. It is their sheer determination to always produce regular and quality content.


It is also all about picking one topic on which you would be having expertise with. It could be your mastery in adventure travel or understanding the tricks and trade of airlines reservation. After all, you don’t need to be good at many things, you need to be great at one!


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