“They stole $1.7 million”, Matthew Patrick Claims Defy Media stole money from 50 YouTube channels

The creator and commentator on YouTube, Matthew Patrick, whose channel “The Game Theorists” has 11.4 million subscribers, was one of about 50 creators affected by the November scandal with Defy Media, which resulted in the once-famous multi-channel network and digital studio suddenly closed and about 200 employees has unexpectedly unemployed.
A few days later, it turned out that 50 channels worked with MCN Defy, including Ryland Adams, Chad Wild Clay, Lisa Schwartz, Whatever also suffered from closure. Their September YouTube AdSense revenues, which were to be paid in early November, were confiscated by the company, which subsequently took control of Defy’s assets.
And on January 24th, 2019, Patrick sets the price for the amount that he claims was stolen from the 50 creators of Defy: a whopping 1.7 million dollars. Patrick also claims in a new sit-down vlog that top manager Defy knew that closing was inevitable, but he put the money in the pocket, which rightfully belonged to the creators, “to pay his debts or fill his offshore bank account or whatever.”
And last, Patrick says that all of Defy’s remaining assets have been repossessed by Ally Bank. This is the reason why Patrick ultimately decided to make the video — to provide a megaphone for creators in helping them to reclaim their rightful due. The next big decision made by Ally is set for May.
For more details check out Patrick’s video below, where he also shares cautionary tips for anyone who wants to join an MCN:

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