Notice: Noxinfluencer Membership Feature Updates

Dear Noxinfluencer users,

Due to Noxinfluencer’s business development and new demands from our customers, we are informing you that part of the features for membership will undergo some updates, which will start into effect after 23rd January 2021(UTC+8).

The specific updated items are as follows:

  1. Change the search results viewing limit: latest result view limit varies along with membership levels.
  2. Combine YouTube Audience Analysis and TikTok Audience Analysis into one: Audience Analysis. (Quota cost is combined as well)
  3. Change the channel viewing limit to view in brand analysis
  4. Change the promotion campaign creation amount per month
  5. Change the AI-Recommended influencer amount in each campaign.
  6. Change the staff account amount allowed to add.
  7. Release New Enterprise Membership service: Noxinfluencer will customize exclusive membership for Enterprise Membership users based on their special demands. Enterprise Membership service consult: [email protected]
  8. Add new Email filter feature to YouTube channel search: channels with/without Email address can be filtered out and exported in bulk, which is only accessible to Enterprise Membership.

Note: The feature updates mentioned above won’t affect those who joined memberships before 2021-01-23 00:00(UTC+8). These updates work for memberships purchased and those who renew the membership after 2021-01-23 00:00(UTC+8)

The detailed new enterprise membership is as below.

1. Enterprise Membership

Feature Enterprise
Check the search results First 1,000 Pages
Audience Filter Supported
With/Without-Email filter Supported
Audience Analysis 40,000+ Channels/Year
Brand Promotion Analysis 40,000+ Channels/Year
Data Export & API Service 100,000 Quota / Year
Check Contact Information 20,000 Channels /Year
Create Promotion Campaign Unlimited
Influencers Invited/ Campaign Unlimited
AI-Recommended Influencers Unlimited
URL Shortner Service Supported
Staff Account Unlimited
Remove ADs Supported
Help Service 7/24Email+phone call

To be timely informed of the formal version of the updated membership, please keep watching Noxinfluencer pricing.

Questions and advice are welcome to drop through:[email protected]

Noxinfluencer Team

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