Influencers Marketing Ultimate Bible: 3 Minutes to Reach Influencers

Direct conversation with influencers, all-round data of 10,000,000 influencers, smart-match right-fit influencers for brands, AI-predicting marketing effect. With Noxinfluencer as your weapon, you have every chance to be an influencer marketing expert in few minutes.

Influencer marketing has come to be such a popular marketing strategy that all brands see it as the top option to adopt. A 2019 report revealed that over 17% of companies surveyed were going to assign over 50% of their marketing budget to their marketing efforts with YouTubers or TikTokers.

In this article, Noxinfluencer will dive deep into what difficulties every marketer is facing, how to accurately get in touch with influencers and reach marketing partnership with them in minutes.

Challenge in Starting Influencer Marketing

Due to its low barrier to entry, all players, from mega brands to micro mirror-sellers, can be a beneficiary of influencer marketing with great marketing outcomes. However, novice or newcomers who are going to weigh in always face with kinds of troubles with it when ready to have a small try.

Let’s say you are a household items seller who has been shocked severely by the Covid-19 outbreak. As a micro merchant with a cliff-fall in sales and little promotion budget, it’s really hard for you to find a way out to carry out marketing activities, not to mention making a bottom-out for your sale results. Validated by numerous brands, cooperation with influencers to promote products came into your sight as the last straw. However, you just have no idea about how to.

Hardships facing novices during influencer marketing

Will you join various Facebook groups and post every day looking for an appropriate influencer to help promote your products?

Or will you just directly search on YouTube manually to seek out some potential partner influencers who fit your brand profile, from a vast video library?

And when you strenuously filter out those who don’t fit your target market area, audience age range, or gender make-up, you will find there is still plenty of calculation to make, such as engagement rate, views/subs rate, and estimated views, various but necessary measures to predict your marketing effect.

If you had done digital marketing before, you would know how necessary it is to have a marketing calculator or data analysis service to guarantee your marketing results.

Well, take a step back. Let’s assume that all these mentioned above are no big deal to you and you manage to complete all these procedures, with a little effort. It is very likely to be stuck in obtaining influencers’ contact or DM them without reply. And don’t forget that YouTube only allows users to view 7 YouTubers’ Email addresses within 24 hours.

If one of these issues hit your sore points when initiating an influencer marketing campaign, Noxinfluencer has outlined everything you need to know about how to figure everything out and make it possible to launch your promotion in few minutes, with right-fit influencers and AI-calculating measurements.

Challenge 1——Finding Influencer and Audience Positioning

When conducting marketing campaigns, regardless of branding or ads launching, what you pursue most is accurately exposing your brand content to your target audiences. Particularly in digital marketing, marketers no longer desire maximized marketing coverage. Accurate impression, which means exposing your content to target consumers with great effectiveness and accuracy, has become your main goal.

An accurate impression can increase the marketing conversion rate. Once upon a time, advertisers have a common sense that half of ads expense is wasted, but you never know which half.

Finding out your target audiences is crucial and how to find them is overwhelming. Many advertising agencies spend much financial and human race to get audience reports as preparation for a marketing campaign.

However, influencers, who have gathered a crowd of vertical followers sharing a certain topic, can save huge marketing cost. Influencers have divided people into various vertical groups for marketers. Upon finding influencers, you position audiences.

As we can see in the search page above, American males who are 35 to 44 years old are mostly followed StangMode. To further confirm the match-degree, you can click into the detail page to conduct advanced analysis in terms of channel, audience, videos, and promotion history.

Carrying out influencer marketing campaign on Noxinfluencer, all you need to do is searching the right influencer whose follower-profile fits your brand’s and marketing requirements, instead of strenuously looking for target consumers manually. Comprehensive searching conditions in Noxinfluence enable you to find any type of influencers you want.

Challenge 2——Get in Touch with Favored Influencer

Upon confirming your influencer list, getting in touch with them forges another challenge to you. No worry, my man.

What is available on Noxinfluencer are streamlined marketing initiative launching procedures, ranging from establishing a campaign, to smart-matching perfect-fit influencers with target audiences, to building direct conservation with them, to sending invitation Email in bulk. It is worth to note that the limit of bulk-Email invitation number in one campaign depends on the membership the brand purchase.

Challenge 3——Marketing Campaign Measurement

Conducting data analysis is necessary before initiating a marketing campaign. You have to predict your influencer marketing performance according to a set of influencer data, ranging from views, views/subs, engagement rate, and the influencer’s historic brand promotion case. With Noxinfluence, you can easily access these measures of each influencer you are evaluating.

Except for these regular measurements, some professional marketing indicators can also be available on Noxinfluencer marketing effect calculator, such as CPM(budget/clicks*1000), CPC(budget/clicks), and CTR(clicks/views(exposure)).


Noxinfluencer has outlined the 3 most frequent-occurring problems to most marketers who are going to try influencer marketing. Of course, there are still lots of troubles from influencer marketing which is not that easy as we expect. Noxinfluencer will keep creating more content to help everyone to succeed in influencer marketing. If you are struggling in looking for a right influencer, give it a try.

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Thanks for reading. Until next time.

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