What The Sub War Between PewDiePie And T-Series Mean For Companies On YouTube?

According to NoxInfluencer, a YouTube influencer marketing platform that currently has a live subscriber count on the official website, T-Series hit 100 million subscribers before PewDiePie. The online competition has ended on May 29th, 2019, after a long and fierce online battle between the two. T-Series, an Indian-based music label, film production company, and YouTube channel, with a generous fan and subscriber base, seemed to win initially in PewDiePie’s advantage on February 22nd, 2019, but Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg made a fast recovery only after 8 minutes.

On May 29th, the numbers are official: T-Series is the first YouTube channel in history to hit 100 million subscribers, according to a reputable YouTube marketing platform.

Click to watch PewDiePie vs T-Series live subscriber count on NoxInfluencer

PewDiePie vs T-Series live subscriber count on NoxInfluencer

But what does the sub war between the two huge channels and content creators mean for companies on YouTube? What can companies on YouTube learn from the Great Subscriber War to boost their fan base and grow their profits?


The Beginnings of the Great Subscriber War

PewDiePie’s channel was one of the most subscribed in 2013. Since then, his subscriber base has grown significantly over the years. His “Let’s Play” videos are some of the most viewed videos in the history of YouTube. With the authenticity of his content and the fun attitude he had, Pewds won the hearts of subscribers from all over the world. PewDiePie was promoted and supported by smaller, independent Youtubers, but also the UK Independence Party.

PewDiePie YouTube statistics from NoxInfluencer

T-Series, on the other hand, is a gigantic record label, film production company and has an extensive presence on YouTube. In February 2017, T-Series became the most viewed channel on YouTube. The high-quality content and the vast number of professionally-shot videos seem to have worked wonderfully in growing their subscriber base. The channel also found support in huge Bollywood production companies and even comedians like Jus Reign.

T-Sereis YouTube Statistics From NoxInfluencer

The battle between the two has included mock music videos, accusations of racial slurs, and response videos on both sides. It has inflamed online like nothing before!

To avoid PewDiePie’s mistakes, and lead the subscriber game like T-Series, business owners, large or small, as well as investors, should follow the pieces of advice below.


Learn How to Monetize YouTube Content

Not all content is created equal, and not all content is suitable for monetization purposes. Business owners and companies with active YouTube channels should look closer into ways to make money of the content they create online.

Companies should think of their YouTube content just like their think before releasing a new product or service. They should think about their channel’s location, demographics, and performance. Then, they should learn more about thumbnails, descriptions, titles, and metadata to boost the visibility of their video content. When trying to monetize your video content, a YouTube influencer marketing platform might help you more than you think.

Create video content that helps you to engage with your audience, and create a more intimate relationship. For instance, if you run a real estate business, consider what type of content buyers, sellers and investors are eager to watch. Offer them actionable tips, presented in a fun and entertaining fashion, help them solve some of their problems when searching for an investment property, and so on.

Avoid Extreme Actions and Views

People have opinions on different topics, and they have clear preferences in their private lives. However, you should refrain from making them public, to help your company’s YouTube channel thrive and gather a more generous subscriber base.

One of the biggest mistakes PewDiePie has made in the battle with T-Series was to let his own views and rhetoric out in the online. He let his subscriber base know he was flirting with Alt-Right views and opinions. This has led to a dramatic drop in subscriber numbers, in December 2018. He later labeled the incident as a minor oopsie and tried to clear out he was only making a joke. Nazi jokes and racial slurs, even lighthearted ones, have ruined for a while its appeal to the wide audience.

When you create video content to monetize your company’s YouTube channel, political correctness is your best friend. No matter what type of audience you try to attract, people grow more concerned with being politically correct in all their actions. They will avoid purchasing from brands that are guilty of slips and falls. And the live subscriber count at NoxInfluencer is the unbreakable proof.

According to Statista, there are 149 YouTube viewers online, on a monthly basis. Think of an approach that might appeal to as many viewers as possible.

Be Authentic in The Content You Create

PewDiePie has also lost the authenticity game, according to many former subscribers. To avoid his mistake, the narrative your content follows should not focus on products and their features. Just like in the case of written content, you should focus on creating informational content, packed with tips and tricks for viewers, to help them make better use of your products and services.

Besides offering your viewers informational content, try to be as authentic as possible. You can try to expose issues users have had with your company’s products, how you, as a business entity have tried to solve them, how you have succeeded or failed.

Try to transpose emotion in video content. People can tell when a company’s sole interest is making a profit, and they try to move off from those brands. Tell the story of your brand in those videos, how you started off, how you plan to boost the customer satisfaction levels. You can even tell stories where you have failed, as a business owner. This will bring more humanity to your business and activity.

A business owner and YouTuber that successfully tackles this aspect is Marc Frankel, owner at Long Island Watch and the YouTube Channel with the same name. He speaks about how he turned his passion for watches into a business, how his journey was, and what difficulties he has encountered in the process. And in the niche, he is a real influencer. People love his outgoing way of creating video content, and now his channel has almost 100k subscribers. It might seem a little, but for a small business owner, this is a huge subscriber base.

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