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Searching for the most trending YouTube videos of 2020? The most trending YouTube videos 2020 can all be seen on You can watch the most trending videos right here directly from our platform which organizes everything you are looking for right on the easy-to-use interface of Noxinfluencer.

1. Noxinfluencer - Lead influencer marketing search engine

If you are an influencer it is almost as if you have a trusted assistant doing all the research for you. Noxinfluencer puts together the most accurate list of top trending videos so you won’t have to do all the hard work yourself.

Noxinfluencer is a platform for data analytics that can help you analyze YouTubers and the most trending videos. Also, Noxinfluencer is a platform for influencer marketing that can help video makers get sponsorships. In other words, we did all the hard work for you.

At Noxinfluencer, all you need to do is to check out our website and you immediately get all-access to the top ten most trending video trends of the day in the last three hours. We never send you yesterday’s trends. At Noxinfluencer, you get only the latest, most-viewed videos that make the list.

2. Most Views Trending YouTube Videos - Noxinfluencer

Noxinfluencer App


The best part is that Noxinfluencer has an APP you can download and install in your mobile device whether you use a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can access every trending video as soon as they become popular in any topic of your choice.

3. Noxinfluencer APP


You can even view the fastest growing views in the last three hours on Noxinfluencer. On Noxinfluencer, you can view the website from anywhere on the planet. The site is available in every language and features the top ten list of the fastest-growing videos of the day. You can also access Channel Tools.

4. Multiple Languages on Noxinfluencer

YouTube Trends and click where it says I’m An Influencer if you happen to be an influencer. You can then access the most important videos of the day no matter where you are in the world. Noxinfluencer even shows you how many views each of the most-viewed videos had in the last three hours along with the total views of each video and the date it was published.

5. Noxinfluencer Fastest Views Growth Videos in Rencet 3 hours - Trending YouTube Video

YouTube Trends


Knowing what the trends are on YouTube will enable you to know exactly what is happening in the world and within the YouTube channel, as well. When you know what the fastest-growing videos are, you will know exactly what viewers of the day find interesting.

Some trends can be predicted, such as movie trailers or the latest news. Other videos that become viral are unexpected and surprising. No matter what country you are viewing from, NoxInfluencer will feature the top trending videos that you can view from the comfort of your home.

6. YouTube Trending Keyword Cloud - Noxinfluencer

The list of video trends is consistently updated to features what has been going on online in the last three hours. Trending videos are made by various creators and appeal to a broad range of viewership.

It is impossible to predict what is trending unless you check out the list of videos NoxInfluencer has put together for you. We do all the hard work of constantly updating you on the latest videos that have been growing in viewership in the last three hours.


Real-Time Popularity


Videos that are popular in real time are what NoxInfluencer is all about. We won’t post yesterday’s trends. Instead, you get the latest, most accurate list of the videos getting the most views in the last three hours. You never have to wait for the latest trends again. The best part is that aside from getting just the list of videos, our website enables you to view each and every video right on the platform.

7. Real- TIme Trending YouTube Video 2019 - Noxinfluencer
When you are an influencer, it is important to remain updated about what the entire world is interested in, what everyone is watching and what interests your audience. There is no need for you to make video after video wondering if this is something that will interest your audience. Instead, find out what really clicks with the rest of the world and create new videos in the same theme.

Noxinfluencer helps influencers remain on-point when it comes to what themes people want to watch the most. Think of Noxinfluencer as your own private assistant, doing all the research for you and creating an updated list of the latest, most viral and trending videos.

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