Top YouTube Trending Video Ideas To Kick-Start Your Creatity

YouTube remains to be one of the popular social media networks with more than a billion subscribers. It is also operated by one of the leading search engines across the globe and therefore posting your videos on the YouTube channels can be a huge boost to grow your audience. If you have already decided to post your videos on the YouTube channels and you are probably struggling to get started then this guide is worth reading. The page highlights some of the top YouTube Trending video ideas to kickstart your creativity.

Getting to know you’ YouTube video ideas


1. Introduce yourself

For these kinds of videos, you need to introduce yourself by probably making a video of yourself as you provide some background information about who you are and what you do. Welcome your viewers to your channel for more exciting videos. You need to give your viewers a clear reason why they should subscribe to your YouTube channel. If you are sharing the video on behalf of a particular organization or a company then you should also state clear details on what the business does and what it intends to offer.

2. Meet the team

You should also introduce your entire team that you will be working with in your videos. This instills trust amongst your viewers hence making them loyal to subscribing to your video channels.

3.Start a Vlog

You can make a Vlog on any topic depending on what you prefer. Similarly to blog writing, vlogging could be meant for entertainment, educational or other personal reasons. You should, therefore, utilize the vlog services to grow your business and audiences as well.

4. Explainer videos

Such videos are meant to provide information on the use of a particular product or services offered by the company to ensure that your audiences understand the need for the products being advertised.

5. Tour videos

You can use Tour videos to give your viewers a peek of what happens behind the scenes. You can quality videos showing off your room, house, your neighborhood or any place that you would prefer to feature in your videos.

Educational YouTube videos

6. DIY video

If you have a passion for crafts or just doing some basic tasks in the house such as making stitches or doormats, you may make step-by-step videos to show your viewers how to go about similar tasks.

7. How-to videos

Tutorial videos are amongst the popular videos on YouTube. These videos are meant to provide guidelines on how to perform certain tasks, most of which include technology and beauty tutorials giving viewers ideas some ideas to help accomplish some tasks. For instance, you could make a video explaining how to perfectly make a winged eyeliner.

8. Product tutorial

Product tutorials are meant to explain some details on the use of a product. It could be an app, a product or anything that you need your viewers to learn. However, you need to make the tutorial engaging as well.

9. Workout video

Many people will turn up for YouTube videos to get ideas on how to perform certain exercises. You can take ideas as professional trainers do some workouts at the gym to give your viewers an idea of how to perform similar exercises.

10. Webinar

If you provide training or rather educational webinars, you could come up with a YouTube video to ensure that those that missed the session can get the information taught during the webinar.


Review videos

11. Product reviews

Product reviews are amongst the popular content that you may post on your YouTube channels. A million subscribers are frequently looking for information on certain product reviews to help them make s purchase. Technology devices such as trending phones and beauty products are some of the popular subjects to review. You can also make movie or book reviews as well.


Fun YouTube videos

12. Comedy

Comedy also referred to as skits are exciting videos meant to entertain the viewers.

Making YouTube videos is just a simple task if you have all the skills required to produce quality videos. There are millions of people subscribing to different channels and it is therefore important that you produce quality videos that can quickly convince your viewers to subscribe to your channel as well. The trending YouTube ideas highlighted herein are ideal to help you prepare quality YouTube videos. you can also find more information on YouTube trending videos on

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