Trending YouTube Videos of the Week 2019–12–10

Trending YouTube Videos is a really awesome and popular tab on YouTube PC and mobile, it can help audiences to know what are popular and what are people interested in on YouTube. The list of trending videos is updated every 15 minutes, the videos may move up, down, or stay in the same position in the list by each update.

However, if you are a student or a salariat, you can not keep your eyes on YouTube every 15 minutes. So you may miss some of the current videos and hot trending YouTube videos. Don’t worry about that, Noxinfluencer can help you record the videos for 3 hours. On Noxinfluencer Trending YouTube Videos, the time period of updating is 3 hours, 6 times to the YouTube Trending list.

Trending YouTube Video- Noxinfluencer

It is worth to mention that, Noxinfluencer has an awesome function: Hot keyword cloud. The default setting is today’s’ hot trending in the US. According to the keyword cloud, we can know what do the audiences want to know most. To track the keyword insight, just click and you will get the curve of trends. Are you familiar with the interface? Of course, it is powered by Google Trends API.

After checking the curve of trends, we can watch YouTube videos related to the keyword. If you are a YouTuber, this feature will be helpful for you. You can know what other YouTubers’ content targeting the keywords. Just watch on Noxinfluencer and try to make a better one.

Related hot videos on NoxinfluencerRemember the first picture about the trending YouTube video in this article? I would like to tell you that the top 1 trending YouTube video has changed, Nick Cannon- “The Invitation” is getting viral for now. It’s amazing for a video to get 1m views in only 20 minutes. I am getting curious about it! Let’s check it out the video analytics.

The fastest views growth videos - Noxinfluencer

Now let’s make a short analysis of the video, it seems that the audiences were not satisfied with it.

Nick Cannon- “The Invitation” - Video Analysis on Noxinfluencer

It has 1.53M views, but the likes ratio is only 19.7%, I just went to YouTube and I found that most of the comments are dissing Nick Cannon. On the other hand, the engagement rate is really cool, it is as high as 27.7%! How discontented that would be.

This is the trending YouTube videos on 12-10-2019, to watch more trending videos, please visit our website.

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