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How to make money on YouTube? This question is hot on Google search engine and Quora. It approximately has 90,500 search volume per month, I believe that there are almost 90% of people are new creators and people who are curious about becoming a YouTuber. In this article, I will answer some of the hot questions for you, let’s check the text below.

1. How to make money on YouTube?

You may have heard too many times of the sentence: Contents is King. Making video is the only way to alive your channel on YouTube, only when you get views, you and your channel will grow and get famous. So if you decide to become a creator, you need to be more patient to wait and touch the success.

If there is any other by making no video? Of course, it has but you will earn less than original content. Check the picture below.

How to make money on YouTube

For example, if you are interested in some specific category, you can use a YouTube filter to find out the creative commons. All of the videos have no infringement risk and you can download and upload to your own channel. This is also a better way to make money on YouTube, because there must be some people has the same interest as yours.

2. How much do YouTubers make?

It’s easy to answer, let’s learn the YouTube money construction of a YouTuber.

The YouTube income can be divided into 3 parts: YouTube Ads clicks, YouTube Ads views and Sponsorship from brand.

YouTube Ads clicks

The bid of YouTube ads depends on how much the brand advertisers pay. When people click the ads on YouTube, YouTube will pay 68% of the earnings to the creators (The share used to be 55% in previous years).

YouTube Ads Views

To know the views, we need to know what the CPM is. CPM is the cost per mille, we usually call it to cost per thousand impressions. This is in contrast to the various type of advertising’s payment. This goes the same on YouTube, for example, when your channel passed the monetization review (1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watching time), you can insert ads in your video.

YouTube Ads income = CPM*Views/1000. If there is no one clicks the ads, YouTube will also pay you the money calculated by CPM. Take note that the CPM will be affected by your views, locations, and content.

How to Calculate CPM Revenue?

I recommend you to use the YouTube Money Calculator powered by Noxinfluencer.

YouTube Money Calculator - Noxinfluencer

Sponsorship from Brands


Noxinfluencer is also a marketplace for influencer marketing that can help YouTube creators get sponsorship from the brand advertisers. Just log in to check the Sponsorships that fit for you. It’s easy to use and get in touch with the brands. What you need to do is having at least 1000 subscribers.

Influencer Marketing Platform - Noxinfluencer

3. How to get paid on YouTube

Before you join the YouTube partner program, you need to sign up for a Google Adsense account, all of the YouTuber will use Adsense to get the YouTube money.

Google Adsense - Dashboard

When you finish connecting your Adsense account to your YouTube channel, YouTube will pay the money to your account on 24th every month. Before you withdraw the money, you need to verify your address by the PIN sent by Google.

4. How much does Pewdiepie make?

Just search Pewdiepie on Noxinfluencer, you can get Pewdiepie YouTube Channel Stats.

PewDiePie YouTube Channel Stats

In addition, Pewdiepie also gets sponsorship from other game brands, so the YouTube earning of Pewdiepie is more than the index shows on Noxinfluencer. According to data of the Top 10 highest-paid YouTubers, Pewdiepie earned $15.5 million in 2018.

5. How much do YouTubers make per view?

We need to know what is CPV first.  CPV is the cost per view, and CPV=CPM/1000. Different channels have different CPV due to the effect of CPM. So if your CPM is $1, and your CPV is 0.001$.

6. How much does YouTube Pays for 1m views?

Just set your CPM and 1M view on the YouTube Money Calculator on Noxinfluencer, check the picture below. If your CPM is $3.9 you will get $3900 by 1m views on YouTube.

How much does YouTube Pays for 1m views

I hope this tip can help you well.

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