2021 YouTube Rank: Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels——American Makeup YouTuber

Let’s meet American most subscribed makeup YouTubers in 2021. This YouTube rank data are sourced from NoxInfluencer. Continue to read and check who are the most subscribed makeup artists from the US.


10th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 4.86 million subscribers

9th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 5.75 million subscribers

8th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 6.15 million subscribers

7th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 8.37 million subscribers

6th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 8.44 million subscribers

5th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 8.85 million subscribers

4th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 8.88 million subscribers

3rd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 9.14 million subscribers

2nd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 14.6 million subscribers

1st place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 16.5million subscribers

Makeup artists on YouTube have grown as one of the most popular groups in YouTube community. Videos about makeup tutorials and cosmetics production recommendations are loved by makeup and beauty fanatics. Also, cosmetic brands are loved to cooperate with makeup YouTubers to do influencer marketing and brand promotion.

Cosmetic product-recommending videos are what followers like to watch. Therefore, promotional videos collaborating with makeup brands will never be disliked by followers. Influencer marketing is absolutely suitable for cosmetic brands.

10th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Manny Mua 4.86 million subscribers

Okay, let’s end this YouTube rank with today’s third gentleman, Manny Mua. Manuel Gutierrez, which is his real name, is a Mexican-American YouTuber who is working as a make-up artist. With 4.86 million subscribers, Manuel ranks at the bottom of the list of the most subscribed makeup YouTubers.

According to himself, watching his mother doing makeup when he was a kid stimulated his interest in makeup. Joined YouTube in 2014, he started his channel, regularly posting makeup tutorials.

He is also the second male to be invited as an ambassador for a beauty brand, Maybelline, after James Charles.

9th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Jaclyn Hill 5.75 million subscribers

As a professional makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill is the 9th most subscribed makeup YouTuber from America with 5.75 million subscribers. Joined in 2010, Jaclyn has become a YouTube sensation widely known for her makeup tutorials, reviews of products sponsored by top makeup brands. Her fame came to a climax by her collaboration with Kim Kardashian. In July 2017, Jaclyn released a video named “Get Ready With Me & Kim Kardashian”, receiving over 7 million views just in a month.

8th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Carli Bybel 6.15 million subscribers

Ranking at 8th place on the list of the most subscribed makeup YouTuber, Carli Bybel has grown from a puzzled high-school girl to be a makeup guru in the United States. As of May 20, 2021, Carli has over 6.1 million subscribers.

She felt abandoned and lost because of family problems until her junior year in high school when she found her passion and talent in makeup. Being a make-up artist quickly became her economic resource and career she is chasing currently.

7th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Natalies Outlet 8.37 million subscribers

Natalies Alzate, who goes by Natalies Outlet on YouTube, has amassed 8.37 million subscribers and 1.43 billion views as of May 19, 2021. She mainly works on makeup, life hacks, and DIY (do-it-yourself) videos.

Natalies’s husband, Hey_itsDennis, is also a YouTube creator under gaming category. Thus, they cooperate to host a couple channel called the Natalie and Dennis Show where they upload pranks and vlogs, attracting 646 thousand subscribers too.

6th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Bretman Rock 8.44 million subscribers

Bretman Rock, a Filipino-American YouTuber, focuses on working as a male makeup artist and is also one of the only three men on the rank list. As a model and vlogger too, Bretman go famous mainly for his makeup tutorials. In the beginning, Rock was a comedian creator on YouTube and shifted to be a makeup vlogger. He welcomed his explosive growth in 2016 when one of his makeup videos went viral that time.

According to Bretman Rock channel analytic report, Rock’s sponsored videos all scored nearly 100 on average, showing the high marketing value of his channel. If you are seeking a mega-YouTuber to do influencer marketing, creators like Bretman is absolutely a good partner.

5th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Michelle Phan 8.85 million subscribers

With 8.85 million subscribers, Michel Phan ranks in 5th place on the most subscribed makeup YouTuber based in America. She achieves global fame through her elaborated makeup tutorials on her blog.

She has collaborated with many top brands by her influence, such as Lancôme and L’Oréal, and also established her own brand, Ipsy. After her other brand “EM” fell, she temporarily left YouTube in 2016. In 2019, her sudden return surprised world fans with a midnight video.

4th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Tati 8.88 million subscribers

Tati, whose full name goes by Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook, created her channel in 2010 when her initial channel name is GlamLifeGuru. When starting as a freshman creator, Tati knew nothing about how to be a beauty creator in terms of video-clipping or content design. Through her relentless efforts in learning and digging, Tati has grown to the mother of YouTube makeup channels in people’s eyes. Now, she ranks at 4th place on the most subscribed makeup YouTuber in America.

According to Tati channel analytic report, the prime watching time for Tati’s channel is at 12:00 every Monday and Thursday.

3rd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Safiya Nygaard 9.14 million subscribers

As an American makeup influencer and fashion YouTuber, Safiya used to work for Buzzfeed, a famous Internet media house. She left there to be a full-time YouTuber in 2017. Up to now, she has amassed over 9 million subscribers and nearly 1.5 billion views.

Lately, she went viral on YouTube for her Frankenstein-style makeup. She would bind all her makeup elements together. Sometimes, she would wear weird outfits. Now, by her unique content style and great talent in content creating, she has climbed from a channel with 6 million subs in 2019 to a 3rd largest makeup artist as an American YouTube.

2nd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Rclbeauty101 14.6 million subscribers

The channel of Rclbeauty 101 is owned by Rachel Claire Levin, which is represented by Rcl. Rachel’s channel is one of the only 2 YouTubers whose sub number is over 10 million on this list of most subscribed US makeup YouTubers. Rachel ranks in 2nd place with 14.6 million subscribers.

Rachel is a makeup guru and vlogger famous for her makeup tutorial, beauty tips. Graduated from Pennsylvania State, Rachel is now working as a full-time YouTuber. When she was 16, she was quoted

At age 16, she was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in an article Mixing Makeup for the Webcam regarding her cosmetics DIYs.

According to Rclbeauty101 channel analytic report, not like other makeup channels, Rachel’s audience consists of not just female users, but also a lot of male followers. Comparatively, the main viewing time for her channel is on Sunday afternoon.

1st place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Jeffreestar 16.5million subscribers

Joined in 2006, Jeffree now ranks at 1st place on the list of American most subscribed YouTube channels under makeup category. Although he has lost 1.5 million followers over the past 11 months, his unshakable position on this list is still not challenged by anyone.

Jeffree used to promote himself and songs as a musician on Myspace. In 2009, he released Beauty Killer, his only album, and sprang into fame. According to Forbes, Jeffree’s revenue from YouTube creation registered at $18 million in 2018. And last year, Jeffree became the 10th highest-paid YouTube star in 2020 with $15 million.

According to Jeffreestar channel analytic report, the average score of his promotional videos is over 90. The collaborated videos with other brands by Jeffree can achieve good effects.

All data and stats quoted here were updated by May 19, 2021. All data are sourced from NoxInfluencer. This article only makes objective descriptions of the stats of these YouTube channels and no subjective judgment on YouTubers.

And this rank list is created just based on subvolume and cannot be seen as a standard to tell who is better or worse. Every creator is respectable and deserves to be seen and loved.

If there are any questions or doubts about the stats mentioned in this article, please directly contact NoxInfluencer Team.


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