2021 YouTube Rank: Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube channels in America——Consumer Electronic&Tech Creators

Meet 10 most subscribed tech YouTubers in America here! All YouTubers in this list focuses on consumer electronics and other digital devices. Those excellent creators who make videos about traditional tools and gadgets are not included in this YouTube ranking.

Through this list and personal analysis, we can know that tech creators, like makeup channels, are more easily to get brand sponsorship to do promotion than other channels. Because most tech creators are exactly based on products reviewing videos. Collaboration with them to promote newly-released tech products in their content is just best-fit. And a lot of tech brands are looking for tech creators on YouTube to do influencer marketing.


1st place on Tech YouTube Rank: 14.1 million subscribers

2nd place on Tech YouTube Rank: 8.37 million subscribers

3rd place on Tech YouTube Rank: 7.44 million subscribers

4th place on Tech YouTube Rank: 6.88 million subscribers

5th place on Tech YouTube Rank: 6.74 million subscribers

6th place on Tech YouTube Rank: 6.2 million subscribers

7th place on Tech YouTube Rank: 5.01 million subscribers

8th place on Tech YouTube Rank: 3.68 million subscribers

9th place on Tech YouTube Rank: 3.39 million subscribers

10th place on Tech YouTube Rank: 3.26 million subscribers

1st place on Tech YouTube Rank: Marques Brownlee 14.1 million subscribers

As a US tech commentator, Marques Brownlee takes the absolute leading edge on YouTube tech channel rank list as the most subscribed American tech YouTuber, with 14.1 million subs. On his channel, since his first technology video posted in January 2009, he has kept uploading technology-focused videos, reviewing videos about new products like phones or computers. It is said to be the fast-growing YouTube channel by technology-based category. The former senior Vice President of Google Social, Vic Gundotra commented Marques as the best tech reviewer on Earth in 2013.

Additionally, Marques is also a professional frisbee player.

As the brand analysis from Marques Brownlee channel analytic report shows, Marques is definitely an excellent brand ambassador for tech brands. In the last 90 days, Marques created 2.7 promotional videos each month on average for several tech brands, including Lenovo, Samsung. Collaboration with mega tech-based creators like Marques Brownlee is one of the best choices in a brand’s influencer marketing strategy.

2nd place on Tech YouTube Rank: EverythingApplePro 8.37 million subscribers

Filip Koroy, who is better known as EverythingApplePro on YouTube, is the second-largest American tech YouTuber as a Ukrainian. He started a YouTube channel in early 2009. Initially, he creates content about hacks, tips, and tutorials of games and gadgets. As his fame ballooned, Filip received increasing requests to review phones and other devices to help viewers figure out the optimal use of them. Gradually, Filip developed to be an Apple-focused YouTube reviewer like his channel title goes. Currently, most of his videos are about reviews, hacks, drop tests, comparisons for new Apple products. Up to 2021 May, EverythingApplePro ranks at second place on the American tech YouTuber rank list with 8.37 million subs.

As EverythingApplePro channel analytic report shows, the channel reached the milestone of 8 million subscribers on February 28, 2020, and has stuck at the level of 8.35 million until now.

3rd place on Tech YouTube Rank: TechRax 7.44 million subscribers

TechRax, similar to EverythingApplePro, is also a YouTube channel that was created by a Ukrainian-American, Taras Maksimuk. Taras joined YouTube in 2009 and was going to set his channel as a standard tech vlog house. But after he discovered the demand for phone destruction content in 2012, he started to create videos mainly about testing the durability of smartphones, through smashing, dropping, burning, and chainsawing. His first duration test video, “iPhone 5 Hammer Smash Drop Test -Episode #1-”, was released on September 26, 2012, attracted 692,060 views and 1,242 comments. Somehow, the destruction of the iPhone just is popular among a large group of people. Taras even self-financed his college study by his advertising revenue from the YouTube channel.

Up to May 2021, TechRax has grown as the third most subscribed technology YouTube channel in the United States with 7.44 million subscribers and 1.8 billion total views. According to the audience analysis result from TechRax channel analytic report, TechRax’s content is popular around the globe and most of its audience are male aging from 18 to 34 years old.

4th place on Tech YouTube Rank: iJustine 6.88 million subscribers

iJustine, whose full name is Justine Ezarik, joined YouTube in mid 2006. With years of efforts and persistence, Justine has amassed 6.88 million subs on YouTube by her unconventional sense of human in her videos which are purely centered on technology and consumer electronic products, such as reviewing Apple TV, M1 iMac, Google Glass, etc. Currently, Justine ranks fourth on most subscribed tech YouTube in America. Justine also works as a host, actress and she was the winner of the 7000th show of the Price is Right.

According to the brand analysis from iJustine channel analytic report, Justine has created 15 promotion videos over the past 90 days for various tech brands. Like Marques, Justine is also a suitable brand ambassador for those brands that are going to promote their newly-released products through influencer marketing on YouTube.

5th place on Tech YouTube Rank: JerryRigEverything 6.74 million subscribers

JerryRigEverything is a YouTube channel that is centered on technology reviewing content and attracts 6.74 million subscribers. This channel’s sub is very close to iJustine, the fourth place holder, with only a 0.14 million subs gap. The channel owner, Zack Nelson, has been the fifth most subscribed technology reviewer on YouTube from the US.

Zack created videos about reviews of smartphones, apps, digital watches, and beyond. But his video style can be defined into two typical types. Firstly, he will review products in terms of strength and durability. Secondly, Zack will tear down a phone and discuss the special specs and if the phone is easy to repair.

As the brand analysis result shows in JerryRigEverything channel analytic report, Zack frequently collaborated with tech brands each month, with 3.7 promotion videos on average. Like makeup brands, tech brands are very willing to look for technology KOLs to do influencer marketing for their products.

6th place on Tech YouTube Rank: Michael Reeves 6.2 million subscribers

Different from the top 5 tech YouTubers mentioned in this rank list, Michael Reeves mainly creates content about robots and programming, not smartphones or other daily consumer electronics. Joined on April 15, 2016, this young YouTube channel is not a high-yielding channel, with only 47 videos were uploaded in the last five years.

Comparing with other tech creators, Michael is much more like a hard-core and pure technology expert creator. He focuses on outputting real substance, not about getting sponsorship from brands through his channel. It’s rare to see a YouTuber with 47 videos and low uploading frequency can be one of the most subscribed YouTube channel rank list.

In his high school, where he struggled with his academic performance, he started to learn code as a way not to starve in the future. After graduation, Michael works as a full-stack software contractor while studying computer science at the University of Hawaii.

7th place on Tech YouTube Rank: Austin Evans 5.01 million subscribers

The seventh-largest tech YouTuber in the United States is Austin Evans, with 5.01 million subscribers. Austin’s channel, formerly going by duncan33303, primarily creates videos about technology, in terms of laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles. He is also a multi-channel operator, with This Is as another channel.

According to brand analysis result from Austin Evans channel analytic report, Austin is also an active affiliated YouTuber with multiple brands, including LG, Amazon, Nvidia, etc. Each month, Austin would create 3.7 promotion videos on average for tech brands to do influencer marketing for them.

8th place on Tech YouTube Rank: TechSmartt 3.68 million subscribers

TechSmartt, which is a YouTube channel owned by Keaton Keller, is the 8th most subscribed American YouTube tech channel in this YouTube ranking.

Keaton initially joined YouTube in 2007 to make videos about computer games but didn’t acquire many views. Thus, he changed his content direction to do technology reviews on TechSmartt, a different channel created in 2010. And his first video, “App Review: Camera+” was uploaded.

9th place on Tech YouTube Rank: JayzTwoCents 3.39 million subscribers

On JayzTwoCents channel, a lot of creative content on gaming and technology is made. His comedic and lighthearted style attracted 3.39 million followers to his channel. This is a channel that endeavors to make the audience burst out of laugh. At his ten, he started to build computers and worked as a PC and networking consultant since he was 16 years old.

According to the growth curve from JayzTwoCents channel analytic report, he just reached his milestone of 3 million subscribers at the end of 2020 and is on track to 3.5 million.

10th place on Tech YouTube Rank: GizmoSlip 3.26 million subscribers  

This is the bottom channel on this YouTube ranking. GizmoSlip is owned by Brandon Baldwin from the United States. Brandon mainly publishes technology durability test content on his channel. Up to May 2021, Brandon has amassed 3.26 million subs on YouTube. His content primarily consists of creative technology durability tests, reviews, and analyses. And every Saturday is his fixed uploading day. His first video is “Drop Test: Nook Tablet Vs Kindle Fire” in which he compared Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet through a drop test.


All data and stats quoted here were updated by May 28, 2021. All data are sourced from NoxInfluencer. This article only makes objective descriptions of the stats of these YouTube channels and no subjective judgment on YouTubers.

And this rank list is created just based on subvolume and cannot be seen as a standard to tell who is better or worse. Every creator is respectable and deserves to be seen and loved.

If there are any questions or doubts about the stats mentioned in this article, please directly contact NoxInfluencer Team.



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