Notice: New Feature for Brands

Feature 1: Influencer Resource Pool


Resource pool increases the efficiency of influencer resource management and works for teamwork in influencer marketing.


  1. It evolves from the former Favorite. It helps the management of influencers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  2. Influencer resources can be added from channel pages, search results pages, and bulk uploading. The system will automatically complete necessary and basic info based on the uploaded channel links, up to 43 fields of data for each link.
  3. Brands can edit cooperation status, comment, note info, for each influencer in the resource pool. 
  4. The resource pool can be collaboratively managed. 
  5. The resource folder can be copied, moved, and exported. 


Feature 2: Sending Emails in Bulk to influencers

Feature Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Email in Bulk × 50 mails/30days 300 mails/30 days 80,000+ mails/year


It’s a newly-developed function by the NoxInfluencer tech team for brands to send Emails to influencers with higher efficiency. It allows brands to create personalized invitation Emails to influencers. It supports automatic replacing the recipient’s name that matches the address in each mail, lifting rate of opening and reply.


  1. Sending Emails through users’ Gmail.
  2. Sending Emails in bulk.
  3. It supports automatic replacing the recipient’s name that matches the address in each mail, lifting rate of opening and reply.
  4. It supports personalized mail content, including images, hyperlinks, typeface modification. 
  5. It supports tracking mail opening and link clicks. 



Step one: Google mail authorization

Note: The Gmail address here is unnecessary to be the same as your login address on NoxInfluencer. The authorization is just for picking a Gmail to send the mails. Sending bulk Emails here is in essence sending from your Google mail.

Step two: Enter the recipients

There are three methods to enter recipient info. Manually enter and upload in bulk is inputting the recipient info by yourself, which should match the prescriptive format as the tip said. Accessible Email is sourced from the Email you have viewed through NoxInfluencer, which was acquired through spending the Email viewing quota before.

Step three: Writing

You can use the variable of “channel_name” at any place in the subject or body as you want. It can make mails to all influencers be different from each other.

Step four: preview

You can preview the mail before sending it. Once sending, mails are not allowed to revoke. And you can check replies in your Gmail inbox.

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