2021: Top 10 Indonesian Makeup YouTubers on YouTube Rank by Subs

All data and stats quoted here were updated by May 10, 2021. All data are sourced from NoxInfluencer. This article only makes the objective descriptions of the stats of these YouTube channels and no subjective judgment on YouTubers.

And this rank list is created just based on subvolume and cannot be seen as a standard to tell who is better or worse. Every creator is respectable and deserves to be seen and loved.

If there are any questions or doubts about stats mentioned in this article, please directly contact NoxInfluencer Team.


10th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 554 thousand subscribers

9th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 650 thousand subscribers

8th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 707 thousand subscribers

7th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 823 thousand subscribers

6th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 970 thousand subscribers

5th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 1.36 million subscribers

4th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 1.38 million subscribers

3rd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 1.41 million subscribers

2nd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 1.49 million subscribers

1st place on Makeup YouTube Rank: 3.84 million subscribers

YouTube creators under the makeup category have emerged as one of the most popular and largest groups in such a massive community, YouTube. Makeup YouTubers are not only loved by users who want to learn makeup tutorials, but also popular among cosmetics brands who want to promote products through influencer marketing with makeup YouTubers.

Different from YouTubers of other categories, makeup YouTuber’s promotional content videos perform no worse than their natural content like makeup tutorials. Because their followers are also willing to see what products will these makeup KOLs recommend to them. Followers want not only makeup tricks and skills, but also good cosmetic products. Therefore, cosmetics brands can achieve really good promotion performance through influencer marketing campaigns with makeup YouTubers.

For brands who want to promote cosmetic products in Indonesia, knowing the YouTube rank list of makeup creators out there is key to the implementation of influencer marketing campaigns. In this article, let’s see who are the top 10 Indonesian makeup YouTubers on YouTube sub rank list in 2021.

10th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: lindakayhz.video  554 thousand subscribers

Lindakayhz ranks at 8th on Indonesia makeup YouTube rank. It’s a diligently cultivated channel with steady growth since it was created in 2011, which means it will soon see its tenth anniversary. In Lindakayhz’s channel, you can enjoy all makeup content starting from tutorials, reviews, and tips and tricks. It is regularly updated every Monday and Thursday.

Notably, it uncommon to see that male followers account for 36% of a makeup YouTube’s audience. But Lindakayhz does. Moreover, Indonesian following reaches 76% of the whole audience.

9th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: itszifa  650 thousand subscribers

The 7th largest makeup superstar in Indonesia boasts 650 thousand subscribers on YouTube. And all these 650 thousand followers are garnered in the past three years. As a young channel that joins YouTube in mid-2017, it’s absolutely an extraordinary achievement for Zifa to rush to be the 7th largest makeup channel in Indonesia.

According to Zifa channel analytic report, over a year, Zifa’s following has surged from 578 thousand to 650 thousand. Besides, Zifas channel has a striking high views/subs rate, which reaches 25.95%. Rate of views/subs measures how active the followers of the channel are and the average quality of channel content.

8th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Rindy Nella Krisna  707 thousand subscribers

Joined at 2016, Rindy’s channel grows with a fairly high speed to 6th place on Indonesia makeup YouTube rank by her amazing makeup magic. Not only is she an MUA, but also Rindy is a makeup magician who is able to let every girl have a good-looking appearance through fantastic makeup techniques.

According to Rindy Nella Krisna YouTube channel analysis, her channel’s growing speed seems to slow down since the end of 2020. A more polytropic style of a YouTube channel might be a spotlight for Rindy channel and a new growth point.

7th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Fatya Biya  823 thousand subscribers

Fatya Biya, who owned this 5-year-old channel, ranks at 5th place of makeup YouTube rank with 823 thousand subscribers. Although her channel’s estimated views of each video appear to be not that outstanding, the engagement rate of her channel registers at 16.1%, higher than all top four channels ahead of Fatya at this makeup YouTube rank. In brands’ eyes, the engagement rate of the channel plays a more important role in conversion performance of an influencer marketing campaign.

According to Fatya Biya YouTube channel analytic report, Fatya’s channel has a really steady viewing time, which is at 22:00 on Thursday and Saturday. Having a clear posting schedule and prime viewing time gives brands a valuable reference when making a promotion plan with a YouTube channel.

Moreover, 68% of Fatya’s audience are from local Indonesia. Partnership with this channel can maximize the impression of a marketing campaign.

6th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: FemaleDailyNetwork  970 thousand subscribers

As Indonesia’s largest beauty destination, Female Daily shares all things about beauty and makeup for makeup enthusiasts in Indonesia and beyond. It discovers, shares makeup & beauty products, services & cosmetics through the most comprehensive beauty products reviews, salons & spa reviews, beauty trends, and original editorial content.

Joined YouTube in 2011, Female Daily’s official YouTube channel has garnered 970 thousand subscribers and comes as 4th place on Indonesian makeup YouTube rank.

Backed by its strong brand influence, Female Daily has grown really gradually over the past year. Inspired by Female daily, brands can establish their own social media channel to lift their brand awareness through social media influence, as another way to do influencer marketing.

5th place on Makeup YouTube Rank:Alifah Ratu Saelynda  1.36 million subscribers

Alifah Ratu Saelynda, with 1.36 million followers, is the last one of the five personal million-sub level channels on Indonesian makeup YouTube rank. Alifah, as a beauty enthusiast from Indonesia, creates videos about local makeup products and drugstores.

According to Alifah Ratu Saelynda channel analytic report, most videos on this channel would be watched after 19:00 every day. And local Indonesian follower rate reaches a striking 74%. The position and characteristics of this channel are both clear. By Alifah’s relentless efforts, she has been a mega influencer behind three brands.

4th place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Sari Endah Pratiwi  1.38 million subscribers

Sari Endah Pratiwi ranks at 4th place with 1.38 million subscribers, leading Alifah by only 20 thousand subs.

This makeup YouTuber does not just focus on makeup content creation. In her channel, content about travel blogs and clothing is also her choice. Therefore, audience of Sari’s channel covers only makeup lovers. The broader audience makes her channel more diversified and versatile, which can be reflected through watching time distribution and audience geography.

3rd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Devienna Makeup  1.41 million subscribers

Devienna Setiawan, one of the only five Indonesian makeup vloggers who boast over 1 million subscribers, joined YouTube in 2013 and started her career as a makeup YouTuber by releasing her first video in 2016, the Jackie Chan character makeup tutorial.

She suddenly went viral via the missing pizza video. Now, over 1.4 million makeup lovers have subscribed to her channel. In addition to being a MUA (makeup artist), Devienna is also known for her great singing ability. She will create content about singing skills besides sharing makeup tutorials.

According to Devienna Setiawan channel analytic report, for Devienna’s followers, the time between 19:00 and 24:00 from Wednesday to Friday is their favorite period to watch her video. It’s an essential factor for brands to know before collaborating with this makeup artist in influencer marketing campaigns.

2nd place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Nanda Arsyinta  1.49 million subscribers

As a mega makeup social media personality, Nanda has retained her second position in Indonesian T1 of makeup YouTubers. According to NoxInfluencer makeup YouTube rank, Nanda has attracted nearly 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 1.64 million followers on Instagram as well. She also has her own fashion brand called Vluffy.

Joined in 2010, Nanda will soon embrace her milestone of 1.5 million subscribers.

1st place on Makeup YouTube Rank: Tasya Farasya  3.84 million subscribers

This Indonesian makeup superstar comes first place on the Indonesia makeup YouTube rank list. Since joined in YouTube in 2016, Tasya has amassed nearly 4 million followers, with also 4.59 million on Instagram. The makeup titan keeps so far ahead on makeup YouTube rank and has always achieved a really good balance between working and having fun. She started uploading make-up tutorials to YouTube for fun. “I have loved to do make-up since I was young. I’d steal my mum’s beauty products, and taught my friends how to create winged eyeliner during my cheerleader era in high school.” Said Tasya. Taking a hobby as her job is key to being a successful YouTuber.

Over the past year, Tasya’s following has surpassed milestone of 3.5 million and on track to 4 million, according to NoxInfluencer’s YouTube channel analytic report.

According to NoxInfluencer’s YouTube channel analytic report, Tasya’s audience mostly is from Indonesia and aged from 13 to 35. The prime viewing time of Tasya’s channel is after 18:00 every Sunday.

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