2022: Smartest YouTube Analytic Tool for Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Promoting businesses through YouTube videos has been an essential part of brands’ influencer marketing picture. But without effective data analysis and effective methods to measure ROI in our business activities, especially marketing campaigns, all our efforts to run marketing campaigns on social media would be a castle in the air or buildings without a base. Luckily, we have NoxInfluencer available to make your marketing job easier and save your precious time.

Some advanced features on NoxInfluencer are paid services for users to access high-quality YouTube analysis results and better complement influencer marketing strategy. Dears who would like to give it a try can fill up this form to book a membership plan demo meeting.

Why Youtube Analytic Matters In Influencer Marketing

In our influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube, we should conduct YouTube channel analysis both before and after the YouTube promotion campaigns. It’s important to have a clear strategy for collecting, sorting, filtering, and analyzing influencer metrics. You can use this data to refine your marketing processes, improve the marketing campaigns and engage in predictive analytics.

During evaluating a YouTube channel’s marketing value, brands need to gain insights into the channel data, ranging from video views, likes, comments, engagement rates, audience demographic, etc. Sometimes even comparison among several similar channels through data analysis to pick the best-fit influencer ambassador to do the promotion is indispensable.

After the promotional video is released, it is also necessary to keep track of how the audience is interacting with your brand-related video content, and how many viewers of the partnered YouTuber click the product link you put under the video. Brands need to learn how to use all valuable information to determine tactics for increasing views and engagement in their next influencer marketing campaign with other YouTube channels.

At this point, such a complex and time-consuming influencer data analysis should be completed through a smart influencer marketing analytic tool for YouTube. YouTube analytic tools can help sponsors optimize their influencer marketing strategy on YouTube with drastically high efficiency.

This article will be able to help you understand what’s the role of a YouTube analytic tool in influencer marketing, why NoxInfluencer is the most effective and efficient influencer marketing analytics platform for all brands and YouTubers, and how NoxInfluencer analysis features will help in influencer marketing.

What to do with The Best YouTube Analytic Tool for Influencer Marketing

Evaluating a YouTube channel’s marketing value and measuring the impact of influencer marketing has been a challenge for brands in influencer marketing campaign implementation. Audience demographic, engagement performance, sponsor partnership history are absent from those social media platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. While these stats and analyses are really useful for brands’ influencer marketing placement. These so-called vanity metrics can be attained and analyzed on NoxInfluencer, an AI-powered YouTuber analytic platform if you are running an influencer marketing campaign collaborating with YouTubers.

Overview of NoxInfluencers YouTube Analytic Features

Channel Audience Demographic Analysis

Audience analysis of YouTube channels is one of NoxInfluencer’s most valuable analytic features for influencer marketing. The most essential factor in influencer marketing is if the YouTuber’s audience matches your business. The ultimate target in influencer marketing campaigns is not influencers, but the followers of influencers. This information can help you figure out what type of content with an appeal to a certain demographic you want to match for your business. You’ll also be able to find out which types of videos seem to perform well across all demographics.

On the audience analysis page, you will see the male and female proportion of an influencer’s following, geographic distribution. Knowing the audience ingredients is a crucial part of influencer marketing, especially when seeking best-fit partners with your business.

More than that, NoxInfluencer also informs you of when is the prime watching time in a day for this channel, which can help brands determine the launch time of the promotion videos to achieve the largest impressions.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTube Video Analytics

Through video analytics tool, brands and creators will see an integrated data dashboard of a certain video for performance evaluation and be given a potential promotion fee for this video. For influencer marketers, this YouTube video analytics can help to take YouTubers’ past content performance as a measurement to see if they are worth partnering with and draft the marketing budget plan based on the estimated video values.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTuber’s Video Performance Analysis

Different from another NoxInfluencer’s analytics tool, video analytics, performance analysis feature provides an overview of the channel’s content performance. It gives comprehensive assessment metrics to brands to see the channel’s history performance, such as rate of views to subs, likes to views, and view change over the last 30 days or the last 30 videos.

For brands, gaining an insight into a channel performance is of great importance to find high-quality marketing partners. For YouTubers, checking their own or other channels’ performance periodically can help to improve and optimize their following content if something wrong takes place according to the performance analysis results. A good YouTube analytic tool can boost YouTube channel growth.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTuber’s Brand Sponsorship Analysis

What is the most effective and direct way to identify a quality channel to partner with and decide whether to give them sponsorship when preparing influencer marketing? Brand cooperation history analysis.

On NoxInfluencer, you can see YouTube channels’ past promotion campaigns. Through brand analysis, you will know the brand that has cooperated with this YouTuber, the promotional videos and the promotion performance, and other YouTubers who have promoted the same brand. Through this analytic feature, brands can dig deep into the channel’s marketing capability.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTube Channel Ranking of All Regions and Categories

By this feature, NoxInfluencer can help you know all kinds of YouTube channel rankings for reference to conduct YouTube analysis. NoxInfluencer leverages its great AI and data-mining technologies to display multiple rank lists of global YouTube influencers by subscribers, growth rate, views. Through the insight of the hottest channel and video in every country or under every category, you can better your influencer marketing placement. NoxInfluencer provides the real-time global YouTube rankings in all categories, such as the most subscribed YouTube channels, the most viewed YouTube channels, and the fastest-growing YouTube channels.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

Most Viewed YouTube Videos

On NoxInfluencer, you can know whose video is the most viewed one on that day. Knowing the trends on YouTube is a navigation for YouTube creators to improve creating strategy. As an influencer on YouTube, this information can serve as a motivation for you to be a better content creator. Having a place on any list here will be a great encouragement for all YouTubers.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTube Channel Compare

It is a common situation for every marketer when picking the best channel from 2 or 3 similar YouTube channels as their marketing partner. Thus, for brands’ convenience, NoxInfluencer makes this an interesting and useful tool to compare YouTube channels. Users can put 2 to 3 channels on one page and compare all dimensions of data of theirs. Having insight into YouTube stats from other channels and competitors, such as video publish time, engagement rate, no matter who you are, a market analyst, or an influencer, this tool can help to evaluate the channel’s performance.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer

YouTube Calculator

NoxInfluencer’s YouTube calculator is a useful marketing analysis tool for marketing analysts. NoxInfluencer will calculate each channel’s promotion fee when you are going to draft your influencer marketing budget. For YouTubers, you can also evaluate your own channel’s monetization capability.

YouTube marketing calculator estimates the marketing fee/promotion earnings of each channel based on local CPM and average views of your videos. The figures are estimated ones while the real numbers are decided by multiple factors, such as video type, specific area/region, YouTubers’ own willingness. Please take YouTuber’s real bid as the final.

YouTube analytic tool for influencer marketing——NoxInfluencer


Some advanced features on NoxInfluencer are paid service for users to access high-quality YouTube analysis results and better complement influencer marketing strategy. Dears who would like to give it a try can fill up this form to book a membership plan demo meeting.

As a world-leading YouTube stats analytic platform, NoxInfluencer commits to offering all-around influencer data service for brands and influencers. Through the AI-powered influencer marketing analytic tool, NoxInfluencer bridges brands with influencers in a smart way. Gaining insight into all YouTube channels through visible numbers can boost channel growth and make influencer marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. Full data analysis before implementation is a necessary step for those smart few.

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