7 Types of Influencer Collaborations That Work in 2022—Influencer Marketing Academy

Florasis influencer marketing case-7 Types of Influencer Collaborations That Work in 2022—Influencer Marketing Academy

If you want to expand your brand and advertise on social media, Influencer marketing is one of the best strategies out there. By definition, this form of marketing expands your reach and positioning on the market, allowing you to gain natural followers from multiple channels.

Influencer collaborations are proven to work, mostly because customers trust social proof and recommendations from real people a lot more than they trust ads from brands. Regardless of the industry, influencer marketing is here to stay, and finding the right influencers is the first and most important task. Once you’ve found a match, it’s time to think about the types of content that can benefit your products, services, and brand.

Below, we are sharing some of the most effective influencer collaborations.

1.Sponsored social media content

First on the list of influencer collaborations that work is sponsored content. It’s also one of the most common types of influencer marketing collaboration. Here, the influencer will create and post content to promote your brand on their social media accounts.

The best way to make the most out of this type of content is by defining your goals, content guidelines, and marketing objectives so that they know what to expect from them. When collaborating with influencers, a good practice is to work with multiple ones while running a single influencer marketing campaign. A strategy like this can expand your reach and create a lasting impression of your brand on Instagram.

Perfect Diary influencer marketing case-7 Types of Influencer Collaborations That Work in 2022—Influencer Marketing Academy

2.Paid shoutouts

Before we explain what paid shoutouts are, you need to understand that there are two kinds of influencers that exist in the social media world: influential people and influential pages. The difference is obvious – the latter are brands and have no obvious “face” of the account. However, you can use both to get a “shoutout” for your product or service.

Paid shoutouts are the secret behind the fast-paced growth of many brands on social media. There are a couple of ways to do that right:

Caption-only shoutout: Your brand is mentioned in the image or video caption

Caption & image shoutout: Your brand and/or product is featured both in the caption and the image

Screenshot of your account shoutout: Your account, product, or offer is being promoted with a screenshot of its feed

3.Guest content

Guest posting is another popular form of influencer marketing that works. It’s quite simple – you create content on your influencers’ marketing platforms. For instance, if they are bloggers, you naturally write a new post angled towards your product, service, brand, or offer.

The idea is to provide guest content on another influencer’s blog and drive traffic or leads back to your own website. You can also invite other popular influencers to write for your blog, driving them followers towards your blog.

Similar to guest blogging, you can explore guest videos and appear on a popular YouTube channel, or have popular influencers appear on your YouTube channel. Guest posting is a strategy that works – your goal is to select the content that works for you and distribute it to the right people.

Although this and other influencer strategies use social media as the primary campaign tool, don’t overlook email as an important way to share and boost your overall promotion. Email that reaches your list ensures your content won’t slip past a busy social surfer’s attention. Keeping in mind that most people read their emails on a phone (especially iPhones) or tablet these days, make sure you’re using a modern email app for mobile and Mac distribution.


Collaborations are a type of influencer marketing that is very similar to guest content, where you hire influencers to collaborate together. Here, you can focus on a specific show, product, offer, or type of content.

Some of the most popular collaborations include product collaborations, which are commonly used by fashion and cosmetic brands. They hire influencers as their advisors, creative directors, or product consultants. Adidas and Kanye West with the “Yeezy” line is a great example of a collaboration like this, where the singer collaborated with the sports brand to create an iconic shoe brand, resulting in massive success.

5.Contests and giveaways

You can work with influencers for specific contests and giveaways. Here, the reward is a form of a lead magnet, driving interest, traffic, and subscribers to you.

This is a win-win strategy for everyone – the influencers get to please their audience and reward them with something, and your product or brand gets the awareness it deserves.

The only goal is to make it easy for someone to join the giveaway. Anything complicated will create churn. You can also create a contest and invite influencers to participate in it. For example, Skype encouraged influencers around the world to share why they were so passionate about their respective cities, and the eventual prize was a Skype session with a famed expert within their field.

6.Product reviews

If you are selling products, you can always consider product reviews as an effective form of influencer collaboration. Here, the influencer would review and talk about your product, allowing their viewers to take a closer look at its features, and answer any of their questions.

There are plenty of influencers who are doing product reviews on YouTube, and as of lately, Instagram Live sessions. The best tip here is to make sure you are featuring the right products to the right audiences.

7.(Event) invitations

If you are hosting an exclusive event such as a new product launch or a major announcement, you can harness the popularity of influencers and use them as your celebrities. The idea is to organize the event and invite influencers so they can talk about it. This will create a lot of hype and discussion among their followers, too, and your event will get the right social coverage.

Such invitations are a practice of many cosmetic and fashion brands – they typically choose an exotic location and invite influencers to attend, sharing the event on their social media feed.

Have you found your ideal influencer marketing collaboration?

Now that you have seen these seven powerful influencer collaborations, you must be wondering which one would be right for your needs.

The answer lies in your marketing goals – make sure to lay down all of your objectives, see what you want to achieve, and explore the audience behind each influencer. Once you do that, make sure to form a powerful message that you will send to each influencer and be professional when contacting them.

Looking back at your marketing objectives, you will determine which of the seven forms of collaboration best fits your business best. Then, find your influencer, activate your campaign, and let your new lead magnet grow your audience.

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