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FaZe Kay’s YouTube Channel Overview:

Faze Kay's YouTube Channel overview

Channel Birthday 2012/1/7
Subscribers 3.62M
Total Views 727.49M
Avg Video Views 1.04M
Total Videos 1,6k
Global Rank 2675th
Country Rank 922nd
Videos Last 30days 9
Est YouTube Earning $54.52K-$168.76K
Est Cooperation Quote $27.27k

FaZe Kay’s YouTube Subscribers Milestone

 FaZe Kay's YouTube Channel milestone 2019


Faze Kay grows fast in 2019, it reached 4 milestones this year.


Who is FaZe Kay’s Girlfriend?

 The answer is Charlotte Parkes, check Charlotte Parkes’ YouTube channel stats below

How much can FaZe Kay’s hottest video earn?


The video – Playing HIDE and SEEK from the TEACHER in SCHOOL helped Faze Kay get $114.49k USD at least, amazing performance!

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