NoxInfluencer Launches YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform 2.0

NoxInfluencer is a free YouTube analytics tool and leading YouTube influencer marketing platform. With NoxInfluencer, you can get seamless access to 9 million YouTube influencers in more than 200 countries, and you can view influencers’ analytics reports to analyze engagement rates and identify fake subscribers. Altogether, NoxInfluencer helps you increase ROI and grow your business.

YouTube influencer's analytics report
YouTube influencer’s analytics report

Now, NoxInfluencer has announced the launch of their YouTube influencer marketing platform 2.0. Their platform builds a powerful influencer database leveraging in-depth analytics of YouTube influencers. Real-time online order distribution and payment processing between brands and influencers further streamline everything, thereby helping brands successfully complete everything they need for their YouTube marketing campaigns in a single spot. Here’s everything you need to know about this YouTube influencer marketing platform:

1. You won’t find better YouTube influencer search and analytics

NoxInfluencer’s YouTube influencer marketing platform 2.0 relies on big data and AI tech to upgrade the influencer matching system they’ve become famous for. For instance, labels let users categorize YouTube influencers; the platform now allows users to carry out multi-dimensional keyword searches and filters, and automation allows for more accurate matching. Altogether this means improved order efficiency and precise marketing collaboration between brands and influencers.

YouTube advanced search filters on NoxInfluencer

2. Better collaboration and delivery between brands and YouTube influencers

NoxInfluencer’s YouTube influencer marketing platform 2.0 improves influencer marketing efficiency. For instance, a marketing order rule has been implemented in tandem with the needs of the brands and YouTube influencers. This revised order process is more efficient and will fully regionalize and personalize influencer marketing demand recommendations while helping brands and influencers quickly establish matched collaboration. In terms of order delivery, an entirely online communication payment process has been opened up. This increases the collaboration process between both sides and improves marketing efficiency of YouTube influencer marketing activities by 2-3 times.

3. A better influencer management system

With the new YouTube influencer marketing platform 2.0, an influencer SaaS solves the problem of batch management. This lets users manage the past collaborated resources and wish list resources, quickly understand the various data of YouTube influencers, and optimize influencer resources through visual data to save the influencer marketing costs.

YouTube Influencer Management System
YouTube Influencer Management System

4. Track performance like never before

Perhaps best of all, NoxInfluencers YouTube influencer marketing platform 2.0 continuously collects monthly performance data of YouTube influencers for brands, including real-time video views, interaction rate, audience information, and more, and it can monitor video status for up to 180 days. Users can track video effects and see a complete report for their influencer marketing activities.

Track YouTube video performance on NoxInfluencer
Track YouTube video performance on NoxInfluencer

NoxInfluencer is revolutionizing YouTube influencer marketing with its streamlined platform. Check it out today to learn more!

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