#RIPMachinima: hundreds of videos were removed from the oldest game YouTube channel

All videos have disappeared from the oldest gaming YouTube channel Machinima. The hundreds of videos published between 2006 and 2019 have received private access, and are likely to either be deleted or remain hidden forever. All because of the final transition of the channel under the control of the new company.

Now Machinima has some subsidiaries owned by WarnerMedia conglomerate, which owns the Warner Brothers film studio, HBO streaming service, CNN news channel, and other companies. It reported that due to the transition of the channel under the management of the new company, the latter would have to confirm the copyright. So a former member of Machinima, today the producer and one of the founders of the Funhaus Lawrence Sonntag noted that “there are so many of these videos that it will cost the company a lot. Also, videos do not receive views, so it was decided to get rid of them. It’s just business, that’s life. ”
The Machinima Channel was created in 2006 and quickly became one of the leading distributors of original video game content. It featured the popular game series Two Best Friends Play, Freeman’s Mind, and even Gamerpoop, which gave the world the meme We’ll Bang, ok?

The #RIPMachinima hashtag is now making the rounds in social media, as both fans and creators talking about the channel pulls the plug after 13 years.

However, Machinima holds a special place in gamers’ hearts, and its sudden shutdown will be remembered as one of the most disappointing moments in the history of online gaming content.


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