What Type of YouTuber Would You Be?

You have finally decided to become a YouTuber. After going through the basics of creating a google and YouTube account, naming your channel and you are faced with choosing your channel type. It is normal to be a little bit confused with the six-channel types available. If your content is going to be specific, then it will be easier. Let’s discuss what to consider before choosing channel type, what each channel type means and how to create a style for your YouTube videos

Factors to consider before choosing channel type

The Target Audience

Before you can succeed as a YouTuber, you need to define and identify who your target audience is. Who exactly do you wish will watch your videos? Once you have been able to identify and specify your target audience, you are several steps closer to becoming a top YouTuber. It becomes easier to develop your channel content when you have adequately defined and streamline your targeted audience.

Define the Brand

Even as a YouTuber, you need to identify yourself as a business brand. It is a way to increase your value among others. You need to define what your brand identity and message as a YouTuber will be. A brand is a sum of people’s opinion about a product and content. Various things ranging from your influence on social media to your packaging and design affects the opinion people have of your brand.

YouTube channel types

When creating your YouTube channel, you have to choose a channel type from a list of six! Deciding which channel type is right for you depends on your content. Choosing a channel type will only become a problem when the channel type and content do not fit.

Creating your channel in the right type will help you show up in search options. The purpose of the channel types to give personalization for your content thereby separating them from random videos on the site. The different Channel Types include YouTuber, Director, Musician, Comedian, Guru, and Reporter. Although the names are a little bit self-explanatory, let’s explain the pros and cons of each one.

  • YouTuber: This is the general account for any user type. If all you want to do is upload videos with no specific audience set, you should create a YouTuber channel. It is the default channel and does not get the other options with the other channel types. This channel type is not listed in the channels tab too.
  • Director Channel: This channel type is for serious nosiness. It is a channel for YouTubers who will like to upload long, original videos. The videos in this channel type can also set up for monetization.
  • Musician Channel: This is a YouTube channel type for aspiring musicians and only allows them to post original contents. Musicians using this channel have the opportunity to showcase their original works and also publicize their selves. Dates and details for your shows and concerts can also be posted here.
  • The Comedian Channel: This is a YouTube channel specifically designed for comedians and commodity. It works in the same way as the Musician Channel and only allows Original content. You also need to be able to describe yourself in detail with details of shows and concerts in various cities.
  • YouTube Guru Channel: This is a channel mainly for uploading “How-To” instructional videos. It is suitable for individuals who are only seeking to give back to the society from their wealth of knowledge. It allows you to share various ways to do things that are in your niches such as cooking techniques and fashion hacks.
  • Reporter Channels: As the name implies, this is a channel for news. When you are a journalist, you have access to events and breaking stories which you can share on this channel type. Remember, it doesn’t have to be big news, entertainments and sports are also welcome.
  • Special Request Only: There are some channels which are only available based on a request. They are non-profit, sponsors, partners and politicians channels.
  • Non-Profit: As the name implies, it is for those who are looking to help people, educate the less privileged and so on. The major difference e is that they do not want to generate revenue from views.
  • Partners: This is a YouTube channel type which is for a group of YouTubers that use a single channel to upload contents. The largest partner channel is VEVO, a music channel which uploads the latest hits from various artists.
  • Sponsors: This is a channel type for big corporations who aims at publicizing their latest commercial clips. An example of this is Sony Corporations.
  • Politician: This is a channel for Politicians and for any YouTuber who wants to vlog about the political world. The biggest politician channel on YouTube is Barack Obama’s.

Proceeding with selected channel type

Once you have decided on your YouTube channel type, you can research more on how to use them. Much practical information can be gotten by searching for top YouTubers in your channel type and studying them closely. Websites like NoxInfluencer allows you access YouTuber ranks and can easily be sorted by countries and channel categories. You can search for top YouTubers on YouTube rank which you can imitate provided your niche and channel type is the same. Just ensure not to copy their contents or infringe on any copyright bound content.
Another way to play around choosing a channel type is to choose a YouTuber Channel type for a start, then try uploading videos which fall into the different categories you are interested in. your video analytics can then show which one your audience is more interested in. once your analytics have shown this, you can easily change your YouTube channel type and focus on it.

How to get Video Analytics

Getting video analytics via the YouTube channel interface and interpreting it can be pretty strenuous for a newbie YouTuber. You can make use of tools like Noxinfluencer to track and interpret your video analytics since it is easy to use.
To get video analytics and statistical data, you can input your channel URL on Noxinfluencer. It will give you an overview of the video analytics report and video watching data. This helps you track the rate at which your video has been watched, like, comments, subscriptions, average video length watched and the total number of views.

Developing a Personal style for your YouTube videos

One of the attributes of a YouTuber is uniqueness. Your videos need to be in your own style. However, it might not be easy to create a personal video style from the start and will only come around with constant practice. The following tips can help you develop your own personal style:

  • Emulate creators whose video styles you like. Let them be your role models and mentor yourself with their video styles as you develop your own styles.
  • Once you are learning about top YouTubers’ video creation styles, do not restrict yourself to those alone. Evolve form it and start developing your own style using theirs as inspiration.
  • Keep experimenting even when it seems it’s not coming out the way you want. It only takes time.

Starting out as a YouTuber can be a fairly difficult time during the process it takes you to learn the ropes. However, choosing the right YouTube channel type will go a long way in making it easier for you as you can rank high in YouTuber rank that way. It also helps keep you on track.

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