How to Promote My YouTube Channel?

Video marketing as generally skyrocketed in recent years. This is due to the number of people and hours spent on video logs and other channels. Of the various means, YouTube remains the leading since inception.

Successfully setting up your YouTube channel and posting a couple of videos is not a call to rest. Instead, it is a signal for you to start engaging yourself in YouTube Marketing for your channel using every available means. The energy and motivation for setting up the channel should be redirected towards promoting it as that is when you can experience YouTube growth on your channel.

How then do you engage in YouTube Marketing?

Now that you know you need to market your YouTube Channel effectively, you should follow this 12 steps to do it right!

Make Your Video Titles Engaging

The first move in YouTube marketing is attracting your target audience to your videos. Moreover, what do they see first? Your video title of course! If your titles are dull and non-engaging, no one will want to click through, talk less of watching it all the way. Check if your current videos have engaging titles and make it all the way better with the new videos you will be uploading after that. Top ranking YouTube videos have typically short titles with an average of 10 words or 38 characters. The key point here is to make your titles as short and concise as possible.

Understand and Practice YouTube Search Engine Optimization

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, closely following Google. This is because many people rely on it to solve problems and get information about different subject matters. Therefore, one of the best ways to promote YouTube channels is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Below are a few tips on how to optimize your videos for Search Engine Results.

  •    Include your targeted keywords in the video title and video descriptions.
  •    Mention your targeted keywords within your video
  •    Understand YouTube engagement. Follow through on the rate of likes, comments, and views to better analyze your YouTubegrowth.
  •    Post your videos in the right category they belong to. This will let YouTube better show it when there is a search query related to it.
  •    Make use of tags as it will give your YouTube more insight into what your video is.
  •    Lastly, do not stuff your videos with keywords and other add-ons. The key is to use as many keywords as possible as much as they are still sensible

Know Your Audience

It is important to ensure your audience gets what they want every time they click through a video of yours. Whatever your content type, make sure it goes in line with what your audience wants from you. To know your audience, you can

  •    Look at what competitors are doing on their channel. You should pay close attention to which of their videos have the most views, shares, and engagements. Study such videos properly and compare what is unique about them. It will also let you know what type of topics your audience is interested in.
  •    If you already have some videos uploaded, take a look at your YouTube Analytics. Through the YouTube Analytics, YouTube will let you have information regarding your videos’ audience demographics, engagements, location, and any other helpful statistics.

Become Active in the Entire YouTube Community and within Your Audience Base

The YouTube Community is made up of active users; they are always talking! In your comments section and that of others, join all conversations.

When you see any comment in on your videos, act on it; acknowledge all and work on any complaints your viewers might have. Always let your audience know you appreciate them getting back to you and you want to hear more from them. You should do this more often before your channel becomes engaged and difficult to handle.

Promote Your Videos in One Another

Who else can let other people know about your videos except you? Create means through which you can promote your previous videos in new ones. You can refer to an older video in a new one and include the link in your description so they can easily find it. This works especially well if you create videos that are in series or built after each other.

You can also place annotation cards at the end of your videos. This annotation cards will let your viewers easily navigate to your other videos. Placing annotation cards at the end of the videos will also help prevent your viewers from leaving a video they are currently watching halfway to watch the linked ones and thus boost your engagement rates.

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

One of the major strategies used by top Vloggers for YouTube Marketing is by collaborating with other YouTubers. Each time you collaborate with a YouTuber, you will be exposed to a fresh set of audience, some of which will subscribe to your channel. This is because they will regard the respect, familiarity, like and trust they have for your collaborator.

Just ensure you find the right partner. Collaborate with YouTubers who are in similar niches and share the same passion with you thus making your video original.

Link Your Videos to Blog Posts

If you have a blog, create blog posts which are related to your videos and link them together.  This will be effective if you already have a good amount of traffic on your blog which you can translate to YouTube Growth when you link them up.

If you do not own a blog, you can also collaborate with bloggers or guest post on blogs. Just ensure the blog post is related to the video content you are linking it to. Check google analytics to select a video with massive traffics.

Enable Channel Ads

This is a free way to advertise on YouTube. When you activate this feature, YouTube displays one of your videos just before the current video comes on. Although you are not assured it will be displayed, since it doesn’t cost you anything, you should give it a try.

To enable channel ads on your channel, select channel tab from your Creator Studio /dashboard and select featured content. Then select the desired channel ad, and you are good to go.

Go Live on YouTube

A lot of Social Media Networks such as Instagram and Facebook are incorporating Live Videos into their features. You can create live YouTube posts and invite your audience to join you. Some ways through which you can make use of the Live YouTube Feature include Live Webinars; Product Reviews, launch and demonstration; live tutorials and Question and Answer Sessions.

Just ensure you are fully prepared before starting your live videos since there is no opportunity to pause, stop or retake any shot.

Solicit for Engagements

Another way to incite engagement is just by asking. It can serve as a reminder for those members of your audiences who might not remember to hit the like button even though they enjoyed your video.

Ask your viewers to like, share and comment on your videos. You can simply ask orally or create a type of Call to Action within your video to remind them.

Run Paid YouTube Ads

If your budget is buoyant enough, you can simply promote YouTube Channels with YouTube’s paid ads. There are a variety of ad types to choose from. They are Display ads, Overlay ads, Skippable and Non-Skippable Video ads, Bumper ads and Sponsored Ads.

Your ad contents can be a new video or an existing one. An existing video will be more effective if it is one with lots of previous organic engagements; the paid ads will boost its results. Creating a new video is also beneficial because it will let you create a more targeted content which you can control. You can simply create an ad video with a specified Call to Action (CTA) ending it which will direct viewers to another video or a landing page.


Except you are fortunate enough to create a viral video, your YouTube channel won’t witness a massive YouTube growth in a jiffy. However, consistently following the steps highlighted above will steadily improve your YouTube channel views, subscriptions, and engagement.  Just be focused on creating quality contents before embarking on YouTube Marketing.

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