How to Generate Revenue from YouTube as an Influencer?

Influencer marketing is now growing faster than digital marketing, so it probably comes as no surprise that many people are now scrambling to become digital influencers — looking to stake a claim and reap the benefits that come along with being a digital influencer. But how, exactly, do you do that? Still, becoming a digital influencer is possible. But you have to have a strategy, and you need to work it daily.

How to Be an Influencer

In order to successfully become an influencer, there is need to strategize, act and keep acting!

  • Experiment and choose: once you have decided to be an influencer, it is time to experiment all through what you are passionate about! The key is to keep working and getting better at what you do. Try your hands on a number of things across board, you can then rely on feedbacks to decide exactly what you want to influence about.
  • Focus: once you have decided your influencing field, the next step to becoming an influencer is to focus on those areas you have gathered feedbacks while experimenting and keep at it. The influencing market is a crowded one and only good quality quantity can survive in there. While the quality doesn’t come in a day, you keep getting better at what you do when you keep at it.
  • Love it: you need to love what you do in order to succeed at it; and in this case, it’s influencing! It’s only when you love and dedicate yourself that you will be able to put in the huge amount of hard work required in the influencing market. It is your love for influencing that will drive you through rigorous process towards your end goal.
  • Build your brand by being social: when you are starting out as an influencer, you should endeavor to reply as many messages as possible from your fan base. You need to be social in order to succeed as a social media influencer. Therefore, create time and strength for nurturing your fan base community and always appreciate your audience. Even after making the big break in your influencing career, still try to take out time to reply to an unexpecting fan and reply comments from your audience.
  • Merge creativity and quality: do not place your focus on only uploading videos online, remember to be creative as well. When shooting your videos, do so in creative ways and ensure they are of top quality. Ensure your video picture and sound quality are top notch. You are assured of better results with more quality videos than when you have much videos but with poor quality.
  • Be vulnerable: whatever you are sharing on social media as an influencer, prepare your mind for criticisms, constructive and destructive alike. Never decide not to share a content just because you are scared of what people will say. You will never know what they will say until you share it and you can never get better at it if you hold back.
  • Follow trend and momentum: once you have built a brand identity for yourself, you can then look forward to expanding. However, when planning on expansion, do not think of it as a business, rather, see it as another means to catch fun doing what you know how to do best. Every other thing will fall in place with such a mind-set.
  • Build a support team: you can’t be good at everything, even as an influencer! Get help by building a team of people who complement your weakness. In the long run, they will become essential to everything you do. Get dedicated individuals who have good team spirit and loyalty with who you will build your influencing brand together. Having a team who handles your brand will even afford you more time to handle other things such as content development.
  • Be prepared: when you become an influencer, and a successful one, you will be saddled with a lot of responsibility and you sure will be pressurized. Prepare your mind and body for this ahead of time and you will see yourself sail through as they surface.

How having an audience can help grow and lead your business

Having an audience especially dedicated ones will go a long way to motivate you which will literally translate to the growth and development of your business. From getting more reviews; to gaining more audience through word of mouth down to getting more people partake in your call to action, having an audience help in growing your business in ways you can’t quantify.

How to Generate Revenue from YouTube

After building your brand identity and audience base as an influencer, the basic knowledge of how to generate revenue from YouTube will help you a great deal in moving forward. You need money to maintain your YouTube channels and cover a lot of other logistics, therefore, you should be able to translate your fan base to revenue to fund your brand onwards. Succeeding as an influencer has a lot to do with strategizing and acting. This ten (10) strategies will help you generate revenue from YouTube.

  • Monetize your videos
  • Setup a google AdSense account
  • Market your video elsewhere- post links to your YouTube channel and videos on other social media accounts. You can even setup a dedicated website for them.
  • Become a YouTube partner
  • Create polls and quizzes: a lot of websites such as allows you to easily create polls & quizzes for free. Just create a question for your subscribers and invite them to answer it
  • Try Affiliate marketing: you can post links to affiliate products you market on your YouTube channel and in your videos. This is another sure way to market affiliates rather than relying on social media
  • Sell your own goods: take advantage of the high ranking of YouTube as a search engine to market your own products.
  • Take advantage of YouTube Search engine Optimization (SEO): when uploading your videos, ensure you make use of keywords and phrases that are essential and informative on the subject of your video.
  • Create sponsored contents: there a lot of organizations out there who need an influencer just like you through whom they can market their product. All you have to do is source for sponsorships and create tailored contents for them.
  • Self-publish a book: sit down and write an EBook. All you have to do is research on a particular topic of interest in your niche, write about it and market it on your YouTube.

A lot of people are using YouTube to promote their brands, products and also create a fan base. As an influencer, all you need do is dedicate yourself, body spirit and soul into creating content, and you sure will be able to make money with your videos on YouTube.

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