NoxInfluencer – v4.1.0 Release Note

NoxInfluencer released v4.1.0 on November 25th, 2018. Let’s see what’s new to you:

  • New Features:

    1. New Official Website:Our website is friendly supported visitors from mobile devices now. We’re happy to introducing new design of YouTube marketing tools to all of our members.
    2. YouTuber Rank:You can freely visit our YouTuber Rank on your mobile devices now. You will never miss any Top YouTubers you like anywhere or anytime.
  • Upgrade Guides:

    1. YouTuber Channel Compare:The older YouTube Channel Compare could only compared selected YouTuber in 5 dimensions and showed final results. We have upgraded comparison data and now you can clearly read the differences between any YouTubers. Not only basic data like subs, views, videos, but ranking of the YouTubers, video performance, interaction rate of followers and so on.
    2. YouTube Channel Calculator
      1. You can click YouTuber titles and pictures to visit their Insight Page.
      2. We have optimized our solution of calculating YouTuber’s value. Make the result close to the YouTuber’s real performance. Any questions about the data, please feel free to contact us.
    3. Video Tracker:We have optimized the default sorting rules of video list. When you create multiple video tasks, the system will rank video with better data performance by default, so that you can quickly select the best video content.
  • Bug Fix:None

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