Everything You Should Know About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a hot topic recently. It is neither a threat nor a substitute to social marketing and content marketing because it is independent existing on its own. Whether you are new to IM or you are not so informed about it, you are lucky to be reading this post. We will be breaking down all aspects of Influencer Marketing:

What is Influencer Marketing
In simple terms, influencer marketing (IM) is an improvement of both old and new marketing tools, which takes the approach of using the help of influential people to create customer relationships. Influential people used in IM are people who have a large number of people following them on social media and the web at large.  Many people choose to use celebrities, but not everyone so it would not be fair to say that IM uses celebrities. Anyone can be influential depending on their personality, their expertise with customer relations.  IM incorporates celebrity endorsement and content marketing to come up with a result that looks like a hybrid of the two.

How effective is influencer marketing
Influencer marketing has seen businesses grow in times of customer acquisition and retention, increased revenue and businesses have expanded, scrappy start-ups have grown bigger with IM. Every business needs customers to grow and IM ensures this by reaching out to people and informing them of certain products and services that exist. It does this by employing the best and most creative way of using influential people who have people who trust them and some even worship them religiously so to them, it’s kind of a “command and I will do it” relationship.  Influencer marketing apart  from informing customers that something exists, it goes into detail to explain its importance, gives testimonials and so much more making the customers fully aware of what to expect.

Influencer marketing is not only about celebrities
IM is not about financing someone that has an audience to talk of good things about you. That’s meant for viral and trending celebrities. IM needs much more than looking at the followers. The relationship one has built with his/her followers matter a lot and the nature of what the influencer and their followers have in common. What topic does one talk about and the problems he is an expert in offering solutions. This needs data to be collected about different influencers so that you land on an influencer who apart from making people know your brand, he/she will also ensure that the percent of sales increases in significant numbers. Data analysis helps you to learn of the influencers’ topics, relationship with fans, the best time to do your IM since sales varies with different times and seasons.

Influencer marketing doesn’t work with any hot cakes in the media but people who have a voice and are convincing to their followers and fans. Mickey Mouse is famous but you can’t expect them to hawk your fridges or any other kitchen ware and get sales in return

Influencer marketing is about building relationships.
One size never fits all, so you need to use different influencers. Tailor each approach for each specific influencer.

Don’t only consider their followers, popularity and influence have different meanings.

IM unlike social media, where anyone could like or follow your page, targets people who you at least have interest in what you are offering. Instead of blindly looking for likes or followers, or scattering different content and waiting to watch what sticks, IM focuses on marketing to people who are influential and whose likes and dislikes are known and are aligned to the seller’s.

How a talented influencer works
Good influencers should already have marked their area of interest, which is the topic they discuss with their followers even before you strike a deal. An influencer talks out of a genuine heart and not only after receiving payment. He/she continues doing so after a brand has come knocking. They build relationships because they have passion with what they are speaking about. Influencers need to be given freedom to use their own voice even when marketing so that their followers continue feeling their enthusiasm.

Data is a Key
Data matters right from the start. As aforementioned, data helps in the selection process of the influencer you would like to use.  Whether a micro influencer, mega influencer or a celebrity, the data you collet online on various social media platforms and other platforms play a big role in selecting the best influencer to work with, with an aim of generating sales.  I

If you paid to get IM service, consider how many sales it has generated so far. You need to build a system that will help you determine the success of Influence Marketing. Maybe have measuring scale of 1 to 10. Factors that can help measure the impact of IM include the quality of content, clarity of the message and production value.

Now you know, so make your business grow with IM, don’t be left out.

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