The Current Situation and the Trend of Vlog

In the recent past, blogging has become a darling to the internet community. Putting together the basics of blogging and the richness of expression that comes with video blogs, (vlogs) will redefine our existing televised news sources.  Google acquisition of YouTube has made vlogs more popular and given it more attention worldwide.

Trends in video are taking over the content of numerous sites. In fact, Facebook and Instagram have invested heavily in video in recent years. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO predicted that he wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 5 or so years, most of the content shared on a day-to-day basis on Facebook is in video form.

You Tube is rapidly growing with hours of video watched growing by over 60% every year, despite the fact that it was acquired just over 10 years ago and the product is still fundamentally the same. 8 year olds are making a fortune (up to $11 million a year) on You Tube and are also being featured on “primetime-old-people television” such as SNL. Ask random kids or teenagers what they want to do in  future and the traditional “doctor” “engineer” responses are becoming rarer and rarer…you will often hear them say that they would love to become a “celebrity vlogger.”

How vlog promotes the development of influencer marketing
People tend to remember the reputation of a celebrity or an organization by the audio, look and experience they have encountered with them. They expect specific behaviors when being reminded of a certain familiar celebrity, product, or organization. This reputation is normally known as brand.

For those who are familiar with influencer marketing, you probably are already aware of how effective it can be in boosting engagement, generating more leads, and increasing conversions. But did you know that it can also take your brand to the next level?

As a matter of fact, according to Shanebarker, 76% of marketers believe that influencer marketing helps boost customer loyalty while 96% say that it helps build brand awareness. But how exactly can you employ vlog to grow your brand?

There are several influencer marketing tactics out there, most of which are highly effective. Whether you are hiring external influencers to promote your brand, or doing it internally by building a community of ambassadors to act as micro-influencers, influencer marketing will definitely help you track every single part of your sales funnel.

People tend to trust what influencers say and do and the products they recommend. Their audiences and followers are usually very engaged and accessible. This is exactly why video blogging is more effective that most other influencer marketing programs. Below is a breakdown of why this is so, including a few examples…

Depending on which part of your sales funnel (driving acquisition, building awareness, or both) you want to focus on, it is important that you consider working with influencers on different platforms. Here’s a quick look on some of the most effective platforms:

  • Instagram- Works well with particularly visual products or those looking to build their following on social media. It is very effective when paired with Instagram ads.
  • Snapchat- Works magic if you want to build awareness and create buzz around real-time events such as products targeting young audiences or product launches.
  • Facebook- Unlike before, many users are now using this particular social media platform for vloggingand for good cause. Facebook has a livestreaming option that allows market influencers to connect directly with their viewers in real time. The platform also contains video hosting platforms that, together with the option of livestreaming are rapidly making Facebook a hotspot for vloggers across the world.
  • Twitter-This platform is appropriate if you are looking to engage in broader online conversations.
  • DailyMotion-It is a French hosting website that gets a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis due to its wide and varied existing content. It is fun and very easy to engage your audience, making it an excellent platform to vlog about your favorite topics ranging from entertainment, politics, or social causes.
  • Vidler-it has an extremely simple user interface, endearing it to people who are just starting out. You can post anything you want at any time, and viewers can easily come in and see what you have to say.
  • Vimeo-since its invention, Vimeo has gradually become more business-oriented, hosting more and more business websites. However, there is still room for vlogging. More experienced and established video bloggers can use Vimeo for different purposes and earn a lot of money while at it. But they have to possess the technical knowhow.
  • YouTube-This is, by my recommendation the most effective platform for influencer marketing. In fact, vlogging rose to fame as a result of the rampant growth of You Tube’s popularity. It is particularly special since it works perfectly at every part of your sales funnel- giving you both the visual branding opportunity as well as significant traffic to your site. Overall, You Tube is a one stop shop for both experienced and new vloggers.

What is the Proportion of You Tube in Influencer Marketing?
According to Shane Barker writing for medium, the number of You Tube viewers is close to 1.5 billion today. This number is expected to grow to around 1.86 billion by 2021. 40% of millennials believe that their favorite You Tube Vlogger understands them better than their close friends, and 7 out of 10 You Tube subscribers relate better to their YouTubers than to traditional TV stars.

This is currently the largest market place that makes You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram influencer marketing across the globe much easier. Thus, startups can hugely benefit by using influencer marketing in NoxInfluencer to boost their business.

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