What it’s really like to be a YouTube Celebrity?

Move over Hollywood celebrities because the YouTube stars have taken over. The YouTube stars and vine stars are much more popular among the millennials For them, the YouTube stars aren’t like the regular celebrities, they are influential figures. The ability to relate well to the everyday people is what makes them so popular. Youtubers have the appeal and approachability that the celebrities lack. It is a no-brainer that the teenagers feel emotionally attached to them rather than the traditional celebrities.

YouTube stars are far away from the crafted personalities of Hollywood actors orchestrated carefully by PR reps. No wonder that some YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie, Smosh, NigaHiga, JennaMarbles, and Yuya have millions of subscribers and rake in millions of dollars.

YouTube is a fast way to become a celebrity but with fame comes a lot of responsibility. The popularity starts in a sort of a surreal way. Being a celebrity sounds really cool, pick a unique username, act like a weirdo and people will love you. Not to forget the truckload of money you can get through ads. But it all comes with a price. So before you embark on the path to stardom, here are some truths about being a famous YouTuber.

  1. Your career depends on YouTube

YouTube is dependent on people uploading videos however there are many community guidelines that you need to follow to stay alive. Or else your account might get suspended for no reason. The guidelines can change anytime and without any warning, the creators find that their accounts are suspended and their source of revenue vanishes

There are standards and guidelines to follow and only then will you be able to make money on the site. Else you will see something like this…

  1. Kids want to be YouTubers but is it really so good?

These days even kids as young as ten want to become YouTubers when they grow up. Gone are the days when the aspiration was to become a doctor, pilot, fireman or astronaut. This is the golden era when being a YouTuber is much better than having a regular job. The popular hobby among kids these days is to watch YouTube videos. However, children are immature and cannot be trusted to make career decisions like these. For kids to become successful YouTubers, a lot of determination, organizational skills, and time-management skills are needed. But it also takes a toll on parents who need to manage their time and appointments. The pay is good but it can take a psychological and physical toll on children. In Hollywood, for example, there are rules and regulations for child actors but there is absolute anarchy when it comes to YouTube.

  1. It’s a thorny road ahead …

It is not just about recording and uploading videos on YouTube. The downside is it takes a lot of time to edit the videos. You can shoot hours and hours of great content, but you need to take out a lot of time to edit the videos to make one awesome video so that viewers love your video enough to click on subscribe. You need to delete the silent parts, the weird sounds and sometimes, record the video all over again to make it superb. It doesn’t stop there though. The title needs to be interesting enough to attract the viewer. The thumbnail needs to be just perfect. Even your accent needs to be perfect. Moreover, there is no place for inauthentic and hateful content. And even if you are trying to sell YouTube RED or trying to upgrade your equipment, your YouTube career might just get over.

It doesn’t stop there though. Unfortunately, there are a lot of haters out there who love to post shitty, insulting, racist, homophobic comments on your videos. You cannot really disable the comments before you build a huge fan base. You need to interact with your audience to see what they think about your content.

  1. The lack of financial stability

When you start you might not be making any money for your efforts. As you develop your audience the money starts pouring in but it takes a lot of effort to develop quality content one after the other. Even then, you might be too small to not get a stable income let alone a sponsorship, a book deal or a Netflix show.

  1. The problem of plagiarism

YouTube is pretty strict about plagiarism and removes stolen content immediately but Facebook is not. Many people copy the original content from YouTube and post it on Facebook. So there goes your hard work and ad revenue…

Being a famous YouTuber is great but it comes with its many challenges. The key is to remain authentic and genuine. Being famous on the Internet doesn’t need to affect your real life nor does it guarantee any fame or fortune. All you need is work-life balance to preserve your sanity and hope that the Internet changes your life!

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