4 Successful Influencer Marketing Cases with Incredible Outcomes

Over the past decade, influencer marketing has gained its place in every marketer’s marketing blueprint. The immediate marketing outcomes and incredible performance by influencers from YouTubers to TikTokers to Instagrammers have established influencer marketing as an indispensable part of digital marketing strategy. eMarketer predicted that, in 2021, 67.9% of US companies who employed over 100 staff are going to partner with influencers to do brand promotion.

Influencer marketing platform industry has hit its strike, especially amid 2020’s health crisis, by increasing engagement and reach of influencers on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. An influencer marketing report by ResearchAndMarkets revealed that the global influencer marketing platform sector is predicted to see a spurt from $ 24,076 million by 2025 from 2020’s $ 6,015 million.

In a previous article by influencer marketing academy, Noxinfluencer shared 2 failed influencer marketing cases and several causes that destroyed the influencer marketing campaigns. We can find that brands in most failed cases didn’t use the right influencer marketing platform like Noxinfluencer, which enable marketers to lower marketing failure chance with smart YouTube analytic tool and nanny-like marketing performance calculator.

In this article, the influencer marketing academy is going to share 4 successful influencer marketing cases that were highlighted by wise marketers, brands, and social media influencers from YouTube to Instagram. Incredible effectiveness delivered to brand promotion by influencers can be demonstrated by these impressive influencer market campaigns.

Tech-brand’s influencer marketing triumph with YouTubers

In 2017, Samsung collaborated with Unbox Therapy, a YouTube tech powerhouse, to promote their gaming monitor, CHG90. This influencer campaign video wrapped up with over 190,360 likes, 27,567 comments, and 6.68 million views for an engagement rate of 6.97%.

Unbox Therapy, a YouTube channel run by influencer Lewis Hilsenteger, boasts 17.8 million subscribers and themes in electronic products unboxing content. As we all know, product unboxing video is one of the most popular formats of sponsored videos for marketers. In Samsung sponsored video, Hilsenteger unboxed and tested the company’s new gaming monitor, sharing practical product information to viewers. In the last two minutes of the video, specific product features were highlighted by Hilsenteger.

Customers are very willing to watch such kind of videos to learn about new-launched products, especially through the KOLs they follow and with great authenticity. In this way, tech brands can precisely reach customers, achieve desired marketing outcomes through cooperation with YouTubers, like Hilsenteger, who creates product unboxing videos and shares user experience for subscribers.

Mobile-gaming brand’s influencer marketing triumph with YouTubers

PewDeiPie, the most subscribed YouTuber, was sponsored to promote an engaging multiplayer action mobile game, Vainglory 5V5, created by Gaming company Super Evil Megacorp. The sponsored video wrapped up with 2.21 million views, 82,980 likes, and an engagement rate of 3.75%.

PewDiePie created a special form sponsored video to promote this game, instead of just showing how to play and speaking highly of the game casually. He directly involved his fans who are also the brand’s target audience, in this video. As the video entitled, GLORY TO THE BROS, PewDiePie featured this sponsored video with playing games together with several fans.

Despite the massive game-centric following on YouTube, PewDiePie promoted this video with a very naturally-created video, in which he never verbally announced that the video is created for marketing. Audiences were more easily attracted and trusted influencers’ recommendations by such kind of content.

Airbnb’s influencer marketing with Instagram influencers

Airbnb, which went public December 2020 with $180 per share, is one of the largest vacation rental websites. Their influencer marketing strategy can be named as the benchmark in the digital marketing field.

Not like other brands, Airbnb focused on partnerships with top celebrities and mega-influencers on Instagram, instead of with micro-influencers in specific niches as we talked about before. Airbnb clearly knows its brand style positioning.

Through sharing glamorous vacation photos in Airbnb-provided homes, the Instagram posts by those top celebrities and mega-influencers perfectly show Airbnb’s luxury-style and fancy accommodation for vacation people. Airbnb effectively aligns itself with the coveted celebrity lifestyle and positions itself as a luxurious alternative to hotel accommodations.

With collaboration with Mariah Carey, Carey shared on Instagram her vacation moment on the mansion’s beachfront patio and tagged Airbnb in both the photo and the caption, receiving around 44,000 likes.

From 2015 to 2017, 37 sponsored Instagram posts for Airbnb wrapped up with 18 million likes and 510,000 comments in total and with a massive reach of 966 million.

Partnering with big names on Instagram to do marketing helped Airbnb reach a massive audience among their 10 billion monthly active users on Instagram and beyond.

23andMe influencer marketing with Instagram influencers

23andMe, the genetic testing kit provider, diversified its marketing approach through partnerships with micro-influencers on Instagram. Influencer marketing on Instagram and also YouTube helps 23andMe reach a massive but diverse audience, promoting brand awareness by showcase how genetic testing can change the perspective on personal identity.

All their marketing campaign shared a common theme, finding a personal story of self-discovery. Thus, the cooperation form went as influencers using the genetic testing kit personally and sharing the ancestry origins they never knew before 23andMe ancestry kits.

This personalized marketing approach came with outstanding effectiveness. The audience would be more easily attracted by this special storytelling content, feeling involved and learning more about the influencers they follow. Brand awareness could be raised simultaneously.

Conclusion of key factors to successful influencer marketing

It is obvious to know that the key to successful influencer marketing lies not only in finding best-fit YouTubers or Instagrammers with brands but also in creating special content appealing to the audience.

As we can see from the case PewDiePie, PewDiePie seemed to spontaneously create video-playing content, which was actually sponsored by a gaming brand. To this kind of content, viewers would be easily attracted and put down rejection to marketing promotion content.

Here NoxInfluencer will provide solutions in most influencer marketing cases. A successful influencer marketing campaign entails a useful influencer marketing platform, with a smart influencer analytic tool, to find brands’ best-fit YouTubers and Instagrammers. A comprehensive influencer platform, like NoxInfluencer, also provides customized influencer marketing services according to your influencer data demands.


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