New Features on Noxinfluencer 2020-04-24

Dear users on Noxinfluencer,

Noxinfluencer has updated 4 new features this week, let’s learn more about the 4 new functions:

Brand Promotion Analysis

Brand Promotion Analysis-1

Brand promotion Analysis is on the 4th tab of the Influencer channel statistic page. This function can help the brand advertiser to know the historical performance of the influencer. For example, Prateek Kumar did a promotion in 2020-04-04, you can see the number of views is lower than the average views.

Brand Promotion Analysis-2

Here is the data comparison. We found that the number of views is lower than the average performance, but the engagement rate is better than the daily updates. Pay attention to the engagement rate is twice than of daily updates. So the video is a high-quality promotion video.

Brand Promotion Analysis-3

This module can show you the brands who worked with the influencer, you can see the example video made by the influencer. It can help you know the creation of the creator.


High-Frequency Comments

Brand Promotion Analysis-4

High-frequency comments is in the second tab of the channel statistic page.

Brand Promotion Analysis-5

It can help you know the high-frequency words on the channel.


URL Shortner

 URL Shortner-1

Data tracking is an important part of marketing, isn’t it? Noxinfluencer can help you do it.

 URL Shortner-2

3 steps to create your first short link on Noxinfluencer:

  1. Enter the name of your short link campaign
  2. Paste your original link
  3. Customize your UTM source, this can help you distinguish between the different sources of clicks.


Export Channel Statistics Page by PDF File

Export Channel Statistics Page by PDF File-1

Click the red button to export channel data, this function will spend your quota. To get quota you need to join the Noxinfluencer membership.

Here is the example below:

Export Channel Statistics Page by PDF File-2

I hope this article can help you well, Noxinfluencer membership sells well in recent days, if you are interested in becoming a distributor or affiliate partner, please contact us at [email protected].



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