How to Write a Letter to an Influencer: 6 Ways to Start an Outstanding Influencer Marketing Campaign

Whether you operate as a small business or a large-scale international company, working with influencers can prove highly advantageous. Influencers with built-in fan bases on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can help promote your products/services far more effectively than organic SEO could.

However, finding the right individuals to work with can prove challenging, especially for smaller brands without word of mouth to speak for them. According to reports, 67.6% of marketers consider finding the right influencers the biggest influencer marketing challenge to overcome. Based on data, influencers cover a wide range of platforms including Instagram (78%), blogging (16%), YouTube (4%) as well as Facebook (2%), and recently TikTok.

Different communication channels inherently cover different demographics and audience profiles, meaning that you should reach out to influencers who fit into your business’ marketing agenda. Let’s take a closer look at how you can write a letter to an influencer in order to jump-start your mutually beneficial marketing in 2021.

1. Set your Marketing Goals before Reaching out

In order for you to take full advantage of your influencer outreach, you should solidify your influencer marketing plans before writing a letter to anyone. Influencers will be much more willing to cooperate with brands that approach them with concrete details on how their skills as influencers will be used.

To do that, you should use an established goal methodology such as SMART and brainstorm several objective goals depending on your business’s niche. Come up with a set of short-term and long-term goals which you will aim to fulfill with the help of social media influencers.

2. Work with The Right Influencer Marketing Platform

The right influencer marketing tool brings you double results but with half effort. A smart influencer marketing platform streamlines the whole influencer marketing campaign process, from looking for best-fit influencers with AI data analytics to contract to sign with influencer partners. Comprehensive influencer stats ensure your marketing performance. All-around influencer marketing service protects legitimate rights mutually.

3. Create a Short-List of Influencers

Ad hoc influencer outreach without a proper plan in place won’t lead to a good response rate. Instead of reaching out to hundreds of influencers worldwide for the sake of covering more ground, create a short-list of potential candidates to work with.

You should look for 5-10 influencers on each social media platform based on how closely their niche’s content is related to your products/services. Once you write a letter to each influencer, annunciate the fact that they have been selected from a number of others in their industry. This will give your brand an aura of exclusivity and make it more likely for influencers to respond to your written letter positively.

4. Shout out the Influencer’s Achievements

Each influencer you come across will stand out for a different set of reasons. Their video editing skills might be amazing or their follower bases may be higher than average. In order to get people to work with you, you should praise them for their accomplishments up to that point.

While this may slow down your search for the right influencers somewhat, you will have a much better time convincing them to work with you. It will showcase that you are thorough in your research and that yes, their skillsets and content style match what you need for influencer marketing.

  • Pitch Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve hooked the influencer with an opening centered on them and their accomplishments, you should move on and talk about your own marketing plans. Use the aforementioned goals you’ve set and write about how you intend to promote your brand through an influencer marketing campaign.

If you’re using email to reach out to them, you can attach PDFs or presentations with statistical data or your brand’s value proposition for transparency. In the case of social media messaging, you will be limited with multimedia, but influencers will also appreciate you reaching out on their home turfs. Likewise, you should address compensation and be upfront with how you are prepared to pay for or thank them for their time and effort. The more thorough you are in your pitch, the more likely you are to get a good response with a counteroffer or feedback.

5. Loosen Up and Personalize Your Writing

Personalization is the key to everything when it comes to working with influencers. Given that the majority of influencers operate on social media, where informal writing and a casual tone of voice are kings, you should adapt.

Personalized pronouns should be the norm – meaning, words such as “you”, “we”, and “us” need to be in your pitch. You can use Get Good Grade in order to reformat your writing into more personalized writing if you don’t achieve success on your own. This service can help you write better emails, social media messages, or even marketing content should you be in need of professional writing assistance. Avoid using a robotic tone of voice and try to bring your writing closer to their style to level the playfield and get better results.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Follow Up

Lastly, even though we rely on digital messaging and cloud-based media, influencer outreach mistakes can happen when you least expect them to. Give your influencer candidates a week or so to get back to you with feedback on the initial letter you sent.

Once that period expires, don’t hesitate to message them again and ask if everything is alright on their end. Similarly, whether you receive a positive or negative response from an influencer, it’s important to maintain your professional reputation and respond in kind. Be proactive, communicative and friendly no matter if you hear what you wanted to or not. While not every influencer will be willing to work with you, those that do will make the entire effort worth the time it took.

Wrapping Up

Launching an influencer marketing campaign is no small feat. However, it can help you reach new audiences across the globe and establish your brand’s presence on a variety of platforms. Should you find yourself in need of help, you can use an influencer marketing tool to search for and reach out to influencers worldwide. Doing so will streamline your influencer outreach efforts and ensure that you find the right candidates more quickly than you would through manual research. Don’t sleep on influencer marketing and take the initiative as soon as today.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

—This article is contributed by Dorian Martin, who is an experienced Writer, Editor, and Proofreader at an academic paper writing site. 

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