Traffic from Influencer Marketing: The Cash Cow for Your Brand

Traffic is profit

Looking into the essence is the key to figuring problems out. Noxinfluencer is going to focus on the business logic behind influencer marketing. This article is tailored for both third-party sellers on Amazon and independent sellers on Shopify.

Online retailing in essence is monetizing traffic. Influencer marketing utilizing the traffics from influencers to make profits for brands. As a world-class professional influencer marketing service provider, Noxinfluencer is going to analyze how to carry out influencer marketing through Internet traffic operation.

We know brand-holders’ efforts in branding are communicating the brand to customers by informing them of the brand image and style. But to e-commerce sellers, branding only is far from enough to reach commercial purposes by making brands’ content known to customers. Online retailers intend to let customers visit their sites, online stores, drawing more traffic to their brands. Because massive traffic can increase the chance of their products or service to be viewed or searched and the chance of turning visitors into buyers.

And we know influencers or KOLs on social media hold huge traffic share on the Internet. It makes sense that Influencers are the best traffic suppliers for brands. It has been a niche for brands’ marketing strategy formulating, aware of influencer marketing is the best fit for their online marketing strategy.

Numbers don’t lie. It is revealed in a 2019 report that over 17% of companies surveyed were planning to spend 50% of their marketing budget on influencer platforms in 2020, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. In China, the market of influencer selling through live-streaming was expected to be USD 139.14 million (RMB 900 million yuan) in 2020, according to iiMedia Research.

Why influencer marketing works?

Simply put, influencer marketing basically runs through finding an influencer with a channel profile that best fits your brands. Accurately reaching targeted audiences is exactly the essential requirement of marketers when running ads, regardless on the Internet or through traditional media channels.

After confirming the suitable partner influencer, marketers, collaborating with influencers, create content to distribute through influencer channels. It is similar to launching an ad on a social media account with huge followings.

So the influencer marketing work-flow goes as:

  • YouTubers embed your product message into the released videos with the brand logo. And insert the brand link jumping to your site onto the top of the comment section.

  • For Instagram influencers who release short videos or stories on it, they can embed product message into their content and make a hashtag and jump-link for brands. It is no different from marketing through TikTokers.

  • On websites or forums which are vertical with brands, marketers can do marketing in a form of an article with pictures.

Whatever YouTube marketing or Instagram marketing, I’m sure you have noticed the same pattern in between: the essence of influencer marketing is embedding back-links on social media. The only difference between the media branding of influencer marketing and traditional marketing is media formats with different displaying ways. Besides, influencer marketing provides a unique advantage of Internet marketing: searching. That’s what influencer marketing all about. Why searches matter? Let’s see what people do on social media.

Users behaviors on social media

Think about our daily behaviors on social media. In general, we follow and visit the channels we’re interested in. We Google what we want to learn. If we jump from the content to another site through the back-link, there must be something capturing our attention and motivate us to click.

Influencer Marketing Helps SEO

Speaking of searching, influencer marketing can also help brands to do SEO on social media.

Influencer marketing makes sense due to influencers’ broad coverage. All kinds of user behaviors will happen in an influencer-marketing campaign. Watching a YouTuber’s videos is watching ads. If the YouTuber makes viewers remember the brand keywords, the brand will be searched by them. See? A successful traffic grabbing!

This is the process of content communication through influencer marketing. Cooperation between a brand and various influencers can help brands reach millions of users. Once impression in front of a million users means 1 million times of impression. The 1 million impressions will see various kinds of user behaviors, including clicking, searching, jumping out.

Assuming that 20% of the 1 million audiences search your brand-word in a month after being reached, there will a surge in your brands’ search on the internet. It means your brand gets a larger SOV (Share of Voice), a crucial measure of how much market your brand holds. SOV acts as a gauge for your brand visibility and how much you dominate the conversation in your industry. The more market share you have, the greater popularity and authority you likely have among users and prospective customers.

Apart from this, customers will search on engines, e-commerce platforms as well as social media. In short, influencers can help you a lot in the brand’s SEO. If you repeated the same actions like this in marketing, users’ brand memory will be strengthened and searches of your brand will come to a huge volume.

That’s right. The result is that your brand-words are included by various online platforms. With that, the mission of marketing is basically completed by influencers, building brand awareness and recognition.

Keep the influencer marketing essence in mind, you will become a go-to brand in your industry. Thanks for reading. Until next time.



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