Getting an Effective Influencer marketing on YouTube

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where people considered to be of influence are focused on rather than the target market. It identifies the people that have influence over prospective customers and revolves marketing activities around them.

Factors affecting an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

Define the Target Audience

For the success of any Influencer campaign, the target audience should be considered. Who are you trying to influence? Being specific takes you a step further in achieving your aim. The extent to which you can streamline and define your exact audience makes it easier for you to find relevant Influencers.

Define the Brand

Branding is very essential to your business. A strong brand identity increases the value of your company as well as your customer base. Branding encompasses way more than memorable logos. A brand is a sum of people’s opinion of the product and content. Various things ranging from your influence on social media to your packaging and design affects the opinion people have of your brand. The reason a customer can decide to go for a competitor rather than you can be branding.

The Creativity of a YouTube Creator

Being a YouTube creator entails having original content, great ideas and a whole lot of creativity because it takes a lot to keep people interested and glued to a screen. Getting the target audience through the process of mere awareness to actual interest in a product which can lead to their willingness to buy or pay for what you have to offer.

Often times, the influencer promoting a product or service is enough to change an individual through awareness about the product to consider about buying the product all the way to conversion and conviction about their need/desire for what you have to offer.

YouTube Type

While creating a YouTube channel, you would have to choose a channel type which consists of six categories and knowing which is right for you is dependent on your content. Choosing a channel type would not pose a problem unless your content doesn’t fit into one particular category.

The categories under “Channel Type” include YouTuber, Director, Musician, Comedian, Guru, and Reporter. These seem self-explanatory, but they have their individual options. For example, you’re into comedy but have the Director Type and if your comedy isn’t original content, you would be unable to use the Comedian Type, because it is reserved for original content only.

Choose the YouTube creator correctly to advertise your products

Being in the right channel will help you in the search options. The channel types are provided to give personalization for your content thereby separating them from random videos on the site. The following are the various channel types currently available.


This is the account for the general user. If you’re looking to upload personal videos for fun and not exactly looking for a specific audience, this is the channel for you. This is the default channel, considering that you don’t get the options that come with the other specific channels. This channel isn’t listed in the Channels tab either.

Director Channel

This is a channel for serious YouTubing and really lengthy videos. If you’d like to post videos longer than the usual limit of 10 minutes this is the option you ought to choose. You can also place a price on your videos as long as you’re putting up original content.

Musician Channel

This is for aspiring musicians. YouTube emphasizes original content. If you’re a musician trying to sell or showcase your work, this channel gives you the opportunity to do that and also give information about yourself. You can also post dates for your shows and concerts.

The Comedian Channel

This is a channel specifically dedicated to comedy and comedians. Original content is of utmost importance alongside being able to describe yourself in detail and offering concert dates. For example, top comedian Ray William Johnson.

YouTube Guru Channel

This is a channel basically for “How-To” videos. If you’re just an individual seeking to be helpful to others then this channel type is for you. You can share various ways to do things that are in your area of expertise ranging from cooking techniques to beauty hacks.

Reporter Channels

This is a channel for news and not just groundbreaking news. As a journalist, you have access to breaking stories and events so this channel type would be just right for your use. Keep in mind that it isn’t just for big news, entertainment and sport are also presentable content.

Special Request Only

This is for non-profit, sponsors, partners and politicians channels. There are a few other channels that can be gotten by special request.

Non-Profit is basically what the name implies. If you’re looking to help or educate people, without the aim of getting revenue through views, this is the category to choose.


Are usually groups of people who all use the channel to upload content. The largest partner channel is VEVO, a music channel that gives the latest from various artists.


These are for advertisers who want to display their latest commercials. There isn’t a lot at the moment but an example is Sony.


This is exactly what the name implies, a channel for politicians. The biggest politician channel on YouTube is Barrack Obama’s.

Finding the Most Suitable YouTube Influencers

You have to decide on which influencer is appropriate and has influence over your target audience. Given below is a list of the top 10 YouTube influencers in the world and statistics taken over the last 7 days.

  1. PewDiePie – 66.52M followers, 18.8B views
  2. T-Series – 63.8M followers, 48.28B views
  3. Justin Bieber – 41.21M followers, 18.49B views
  4. Canal Kondzilla – 40.5M followers, 19.8B views
  5.  5-Minute Crafts – 35.57M followers, 9.1B views
  6. Dude Perfect – 34.93M followers, 6.21B views
  7. HolaSoyGerman – 34.54M followers, 3.64B views
  8. Ed Sheeran – 34.43M followers, 14.81B views
  9. JustinBeiberVEVO – 34.22M followers, 17.87B views
  10. WWE – 33.88M followers, 26.9B views

Video Analytics

To get video analytics and statistical data, Noxinfluencer helps to target your creator/influencer. It gives an overview of the video analytics report and video watching data. This helps you keep track of the extent to which your video has been watched, giving real-time data on the number of views, estimated value, engagement rate, average percentage watched, like ratio, comments and pinned comments associated with your video.

YouTube Influencer marketing revolves around the YouTube influencer rather than the target audience as they have more hold onto the consumers than the business owner. Taking branding and proper selection of Influencers into proper consideration will ensure a good reception of the product or service being promoted. It is important to note that statistical data helps to select an influencer that would give maximum exposure of the product to the public.