NoxInfluencer New Version Released! – 18 Oct.

NoxInfluencer updated version 4.0.7 on October 18. The following is the latest features we have brought to you:

1. Experience upgrade about CHANNEL CALCULATOR

CHANNEL CALCULATOR was created to provide an objective, efficient and free tool for all the YouTubers and their fans to evaluate their channel value quickly. While optimizing the value estimation model, we also optimized and upgraded the function this time.

Now, you can enter not only the YouTube channel link, but also any YouTube video link! In just a few seconds, we can match influencer resource you want to evaluate.

To reduce confusion during your search, we added influencer image and name on the top of the page. Check what you want can not be simpler! Just on NoxInfluencer.


2. New ranking: YouTube ranking with Stable Average Performance and NoxGrade Ranking

We offer a rich list of YouTuber Ranking that can be viewed not only in different countries, but also in different types of influencer categories. We now support two new filters:

(1)You can check YouTuber Ranking for “Average Performance Stable“.

(2)You can look at the NoxGrade Ranking (NoxGrade is a composite index for influencers based on data representation from history of their video performance, combined with dozens of dimensions and model calculations.) As a rule of thumb, YouTuber who has a  NoxGrade rating of more than 4 stars usually have very good video quality!

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