How to generate good ideas to create promotional videos

How to Generate Good Ideas to Create Promotional Videos


Creating a perfect commercial promotion video requires time, talent and promotional strategies which are often overlooked. You may be very good at promoting your channel content, but marketing video content may not be recognized by advertisers, which is why we introduced several tips to help everyone create a video.

The tips below will go a long way in helping you create a unique video that will stand out among so many videos online.

Your Audience Comes First

The first step in creating a unique promotional video is to define your audience. They are the main purpose for creating promotional videos and the video you, will generate should stand out and excite your intended audience. You need to identify your intended audience to have an insight on the video you are creating. Your videos need to be entertaining, thought-provoking, creative, interesting, informative, original and concurrently be of direct interest for your intended audience. Also, one of the most powerful ways to implement effective promotional videos is to educate the audience. It is more effective to create videos that offer advice, tips, information and other informative content rather than a solely promotional video.

Establish your tone

When creating your video, it is essential the creative direction should play well with whatever tone you decide to go with. There are various tones you can explore for your creative direction in a bid to identify how your video is going to make your audience feel. For instance, a dramatic video will make the audience get moved emotionally; a straightforward and informative video tend to be clear and concise while a conversational video is always casual and authentic. There are other tones like Humorous, Quirky, Cutesy, Inspirational, Entertaining, Artsy or Luxurious videos. There are indeed more tones to explore that can bring your videos to life.

Search the right terms

Before you invest too much money or time as you create your promotional video, it is essential to search for ideas off other people who are experienced and familiar with your online goals and product/services. This will help you consider the right rapports for the videos which could impact how your videos are perceived or accepted by your audience. It isn’t a bad idea to call upon the expertise of a professional video production company to ensure your video is of high quality.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience with Text

Text helps your audience follow the message even when the sound is off, convey the information better than an image and will also enhance the viewers’ understanding of the video. But, putting excessive text in your video just because you have a ton of information to tell your viewers can be overwhelming for them and they might end up watching the video halfway. Fill your videos with critical texts that are essential and make sure it doesn’t move quickly as that might give the readers a difficult time reading it and if your audience is spending a moment thinking with the fact that they are reading something, they will move forward to a more interesting video.


Choose the right music

Choosing the right music for your video can be tricky but it is essential to include music that can evoke an emotional connection with your audience creating a more exciting and emotive video. Before you choose a music, you should decide which role the music will play on the overall impact of your video as well as the demographic. You should know if your intended audience are the type that listen to music based on a cultural tribe they are part of, for instance, to reach a broad market, you will need to look for music that is broadly appealing.

Include a Call to Action

One of the last steps in creating a promotional video is the call to action which will specify what you want your viewers to do after watching your video. This is where you will close the deal and prompt your user to do something. If they have watched your video completely, they’ve shown a clear interest, so what is left is for you to prompt the call to action. The primary goal of your promotional video is to get viewers to a website or product page. So, if viewers are watching your video on YouTube, all you need to do is to include a customized link to a landing page on your website that will be dedicated to getting that viewer the additional information they are looking for and subsequently into your sales process. Your call to action doesn’t have to be so vague and generic like putting in ‘call us or email for more information’. You can add creativity by using some creative ideas like “Free trial, watch another video, bring out the vote, or Enter to win” all these are creative and practical calls to action that will work for many of the audience

Share your Video & Don’t stop:

Once you undergo all that steps in creating your promotional video, sharing it will be the last stage to publicize it fully. You can share to your families and friends for a start. You just have to keep sharing as you don’t know where the interest will come from. To also add a little prestige to your video, you can build hype around the video by promoting its launch date on your website, blog and social channels. Sharing your video around will surely get it far around in a short amount of time. Don’t hesitate to share to even a stranger and in a short period, your video might go viral.

With over 90% of customers reporting that promotional videos help them make a purchasing decision, it is essential to create videos that realign with your audience which ultimately help sell your products and services effortlessly and with relative ease. After following the aforementioned steps to create a promotional video, you can be assured of generating more revenue with your online videos.G

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