How To Use YouTube Analytics Tool at NoxInfluencer

When using YouTube either as a channel subscriber or owner, there are quite a number of useful YouTube stats and Youtube calculator tools that one can access and make use of at NoxInfluencer. some of those tools are discussed here and how to use them too.

YouTube analytics

YouTube analytics is the core center of your enables you to know your success rate or how your channel is doing. They help you to know what is working and what is not working, who is likely to be watching and what they are likely to watch by knowing your audience so as to make your videos in ways that will build your audience. It also helps you understand how much audience you have, the number of times your video gets watched. You also get to know how engaged your audience by how your viewers interact with and like your videos.

YouTube insights

YouTube insight will give you information on how many people have or are viewing your videos and the regions of the world they are from. YouTube stats will show you your audience age brackets and their genders, comments, ratings, and favorites. Maybe the audience of the video are not those you assumed them to be and hence you can create content to suit the actual audience you wanted. The same would apply to geographical locations. It also shows referral and inbound links which helps you know where the views came from and this is crucial in knowing what brings viewers to your channel.

YouTube subscribed channels

Most subscribed YouTubers was introduced a few years ago. Some of them include: PewDiePie is a channel that was created by a Swedish comedian and has more than 93million subscribers with a Nox score of 5stars. He is famous for its “let’s play “videos and blogs. Following closely is T-series a famous Indian music company having 92 million subscribers and commonly known for Bollywood music with a 5star nox score. The third is 5-minute craft under the category how to style with 52m subscribers and 4star rating. The fourth is a Brazilian music video produces known as kondzilla. He is also a director and writer. He mainly produces electronic music and has 48 million subscribers.

Fast growing YouTube channels

Blogging and video logging have gained so much popularity in the recent past and YouTube being a major platform for the later has had growth in video uploads. This in return has brought about different channels competing for growth in terms of subscriptions and views. some of the fastest growing YouTube channels are; tips Ghor which mostly does educational videos has about 563k subscriber and average view of1.22k, followed closely by ABC which is an entertainment category has 1.04m subscribers and average view of 2.19k.


At NoxInfluencer, you can get to know the most viewed YouTube videos. Here you can decide to categorize in terms of the geographical location where u get to choose the specific area or generalize on all the areas. You can also classify videos in terms of categories from different ones like music, sports, gaming among others or you can generalize and view all the categories.

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