Will PewDiePie Quits YouTube in 2020? He Says Too Tired

Hot news! The biggest YouTuber PewDiePie announced that he will quit YouTube for a while next year. After hearing this, many audiences of PewDiePie and YouTube audiences felt amazing, is it true? Will PewDiePie really quits the YouTube platform in 2020? Besides, many news media reported this news together for the first time. However, is it true of the news? Let’s talk something about if PewDiePie quits YouTube in 2020.

The reasons why PewDiePie wants to quit YouTube?

  • Uploading videos every day

To be honest, PewDiePie is really a hard-working YouTube, you see that he published at least one video per day. This requires a team working and brainstorming every day, I guess that this may be the main reason for quitting YouTube.

1.PewDiePie upload videos everyday

  • Lack of video ideas

I believe that PewDiePie has a strong team, he has no worries about the creation. Or he can not publish a video every day and became the world’s biggest YouTube (The 2nd Subscribed YouTube).

2. PewDiePie YouTube Channel Statistics - Noxinfluencer

  • Make enough money

This is an interesting query, before we discuss it, let’s see how much can PewDiePie make a year? Check PewDiePie’s YouTube channel statistics below.

We can see that PewDiePie’s Est. monthly YouTube earning is $ 453.79k- $ 1.4M, it means that PewDiePie can earn $ 5.45M – $ 16.8M per year. If I am PewDiePie, I think that I will quit YouTube, because the amount of money is enough for me. Besides, we can use YouTube Money Calculator to know how much do YouTubers earn by $25 CPM and 5M views.

3. YouTube Money Calculator - Noxinfluencer

You can see that, you will get $ 4M for a month.

  • PewDiePie got married on 19.08.2019

I think that you had watched the video Marzia & Felix – Wedding 19.08.2019

4. Marzia & Felix – Wedding 19.08.2019 - Noxinfluencer Video Analysis

This will be an important part of PewDiePie quits YouTube, because he loves his wife Marzia and he would like to spend more with her.

After discussed PewDiePie’s quit, do you agree with me? However, we should believe what PewDiePie said right?


PewDiePie said that he just wants to take a break for a while next year.

 5. Why PewDiePie quit YouTube

 In PewDiePie’s video, he broke the news and told us the reason why he said: “ I am taking a break from YouTube next year, he said in a video uploaded over the weekend.” And “ I wanted to say it in advance because I make up my mind. I’m tired, I am feeling very tired. I don’t know if you can tell …” Besides, he showed up why he made this decision.

6. Why PewDiePie wants to take a break on YouTube

  • Married

Yes, I am right! PewDiePie married in 2019, and he needs more time with his wife.

  • Beat Ender Dragon

As we know that, PewDiePie played a game named Minecraft, He finally beat the ender dragon, he made it the goal in 2019.

  • 100M SUBS

He reached a brand new milestone, 100M SUBS! This achievement was recorded on 24.08.2019. There are only 2 YouTube channel can reach this milestone, the other is T-Series.

In addition, PewDiePie said that he will keep upload videos on YouTube, not quit. So let’ keep following PewDiePie as usual, I believe that he will bring more fun for us in the near future.

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