YouTube presents the preferred Love and “Break-up” Anthems for Valentine’s Day

There is one day in the year when love becomes the center of the universe for those who believe in it and also becomes one of the worst days for the single or the heartbroken. Valentine’s Day is all about jewelry, chocolates, and flowers, but if there is one real common area where everyone is going to find something for themselves is music.
From some of the most romantic tunes of all time, as well as some of the most notorious breakup ballads, YouTube has revealed the top videos chosen by viewers for Valentine’s Day in the recent years.
In the top songs that have shown rising average views on Valentine’s Day, we can find artists like Boyz II Men, Celine Dion, Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, among others. On the other side of the pallet, some songs have been the most favorite when creating playlists with the words “break-up” or “breakup” in them, among these favorite “break-up anthems” there are songs from the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Sam Smith.

“Love Anthems”

“Break-up Anthems”


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