2022 Influencer Marketing Book: Benefits of Social Media Celebrities

Developing a social media presence takes work, but it can pay off with patience. Additionally, it’s good to align yourself with people who are in your niche and can provide you with a better following. Alternatively, collaborating with influencers with existing following is a shortcut, instead of building the brand’s own social identity.

A social media influencer saves a lot for brands through influencer marketing if brands want to achieve sales results quickly. Here are some benefits of using a social media influencer in 2022

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Better for Building Trust and Authority

It’s one thing to have some employees, and it’s another thing to create a bond with a stranger. If you want to get real Twitter followers, you might have to reach out to someone familiar with your brand. Pick an influencer that you feel would represent your message well and vice versa. 

Due to the already-built trust with influencers’ audiences, reaching out to them is a cost-effective way for brands. In regards to promoting products, it can help you create more legitimacy for your brand. Think about how the two of you can work together so both sides can prosper. 

Helps Expand Your Reach 

An influencer can help you get more into your niche than you saw. There could be a sub-sector of your audience that you didn’t know liked a specific product or service. An expert creator in social media may promote products they already used before to their followers. That’s what they do in their channels.

Let’s say you have made a better organic product like oat milk to mix with the coffee that adds the right cream top to your drink. You can start seeing that a 25-30-year-old audience prefers this in coffee rather than sugar and half-half. Working with an influencer can expand your reach to a potential target that you never fully captured by yourself. 

This type of move can create longevity in your brand because you utilize your resources. 

Increase Brand Awareness 

When a marketing influencer gives you praise, their followers are more likely to follow suit. Creating this momentum can help you get an edge over your competitors. You want to develop a connection with others in a short time. 

An influencer needs to send out one tweet or go on IG live with you to help you get your message out to global potential customers. You can create a personal vibe with others that your rivals don’t consider. Creating this one-on-one connection can help you be more organic with your prospects and turn them into customers. 

Getting a Loyal Following With Smaller Numbers 

Also, you have a better following with smaller numbers. The micro and nano-influencers are extremely powerful. Yes, they have fewer people following them than a macro or mega-influencer, but the value is in the customer action.

Social media influencer level pyramid by NoxInfluencer

The 10,000 to 50,000 people that follow them will be more engaged. If you are seeking influencers at this level, you can go NoxInfluencer to find more micro-influencers with high engagement rates, using the influencer search engineThey will buy more products from them because the influencer is a voice for their needs. More importantly, they will share their purchase and posts of the influencer’s new products.

Influencer search engine to find influencers

It’s a better tactic for expanding your reach to more like-minded people. That’s more valuable than a celebrity tweeting something, and the audience likes the person (completely neglecting the product).

Organic Growth for Cheap 

Your brand growth will be more steady because you don’t have to spend all your marketing dollars on paid ads. 

Maybe you have a plan to do a pre-sale or want to preview your products to an audience you think would be intrigued with what you have to offer. You can take your time and see if your product builds high demand.

Also, it helps you avoid big mistakes from your product launch. You can create an advantage by playing smart to save you time and money in the long haul. Find different ways to speak to brand influencers to help you get long-term results. 

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